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Nov. 08, 2023

Welcome back to the IFFL. Week 9. We are back after a week away. Now let's get to the power rankings.

  1. Cincinnati Bagels (7-2) Took care of the division rival Chicken Pluckerz this week, now to keep players healthy and build towards the playoffs.

  2. New Whiteland Chicken Pluckerz  (7-2) Took the L this week, but they are still in control of the Central by points.

  3. Los Angeles Lords (6-3) Got their swagger back this week and took out the Personality.

  4. South Carolina (5-4) Finally got past the Kats, now if they can just keep Hurts upright.

  5. Tabbi’s Kats (5-4) No one wants to see the Kats as a wildcard team so hopefully they either surge to win the division or lose out and miss the playoffs.

  6. Hartford Whalers (5-4) Beats up on the bottom tier teams in the IFFL, needs to put together a game against playoff caliber competition.

  7. San Antonio Mexican’ts (5-4) Losing to the Sunrise hurts, losing to the Sunrise to give them a winning streak really sucks.

Players of the Week

Offensive Player of the Week - CJ Stroud (Cin) - 480 yards, 5 TD’s, 2 pt con, 44 points this kid came in and gave the best performance of his life when the team needed it most. Lawrence and McCaffrey are back this week.

Defense of the Week - South Carolina -19 pts from  4sacks, 2 Ints, and 2 TD’s. This team finally got the defensive performance they have been waiting for, for 20 years. All joking aside they are looking good for the postseason.

Special Teams Player of the Week - Justin Tucker - 4xp and 3 FG’s the Ditkas are just trying to play spoiler.

The Look Ahead to Week 10’s Game of the Week

South Carolina @ Philadelphia- Both teams need a win for different reasons but the Dark Side are trying to stay in the playoff hunt and probably need it more, they are getting Kyler back so hopefully his surgically repaiired knee holds up under pressure.

Oct. 29, 2023

Welcome back to the IFFL. Week 7. Not much changed at the top of the table this week. Let’s get to the Power Rankings.

  1. New Whiteland Chicken Pluckerz  (6-1) Making it #1 for 3 straight weeks. The ChickenPluckerz look to avoid a letdown against Indy.

  2. Los Angeles Lords (5-2) Couldn't find Travis Kelce or Gardner Minshew all day, thankfully everyone right behind them lost too.

  3. Cincinnati Bagels (5-2) Say something nice and they lose.

  4. Hartford Whalers (4-3) Took out the lowly Sunrise.

  5. South Carolina (4-3) Makes the Big Jump this week, is this team for real, finally?

  6. Tabbi’s Kats (4-3) The Kats are staying close but they need to go on a win streak.

  7. San Antonio Mexican’ts (4-3) They lost in glorious fashion this week, a 60 yard TD right before halftime to Jordan Addison finishes them off.

Players of the Week

Offensive Player of the Week - Travis Kelce  (ND) - 179 yds and a TD as Kelce outscores the Lords.

Defense of the Week - New Whiteland 4s, 3FR, Int, & TD  for 14 points brought the victory home for New Whiteland

Special Teams Player of the Week - Justin Tucker - Don't look now but the Ditka’s have won 2 in a row and look like they have some life in them.

The Look Ahead to Week 7’s Game of the Week

Philadelphia @ South Carolina  - Will Kyler play this week or will it be Jared Goff again. After a disappointing week in which Goff only had 1 TD pass, the Dark Side are close to getting Murray back. For South Carolina they are in 2nd place by points and think they are the rightful owners of the East Division.

The Rewind a look back at Week 6’s Game of the Week

New Whiteland @ Tabbi’s- What a game this was Josh Allen was the best player on the field for Tabbi’s Kats but unfortunately for the defending champ, Allen seemed to be the only one on the field that knew they had a game this week. The New Whiteland Defense was the difference in the game.

Oct. 19,2023

Welcome back to the IFFL. Week 6. This was a weird weekend in the IFFL. Let’s get to the Power Rankings.

  1. New Whiteland Chicken Pluckerz  (5-1) New Whiteland is the first team at #1 in consecutive weeks this season.
  2. Los Angeles Lords (5-1) Found a rushing attack this weekend Kyren Williams then gets hurt.
  3. Cincinnati Bagels (5-1) Just keeps winning.
  4. Tabbi’s Kats (4-2) The Kats keep winning and keeping the division close
  5. San Antonio Mexican’ts (4-2) Takes out the Subs in glorious fashion.
  6. Pittsburgh Peanut Butter Balls (3-3) Making their first appearance in the top 7 this year.
  7. Hartford Whalers  (3-3) Another new face how long do they stick around?

Players of the Week

Offensive Player of the Week - Raheem Mostert (NW) - 132 yds and 3 TD’s for Mostert powers the team past Taipei.

Defense of the Week - Tabbi’s Kats 4s, FR, 2 Ints, 197 yds for 10 points combined with Brandon McManus (see below) scratches the Animals into the loss column.  

Special Teams Player of the Week - Brandon McManus  4 extra points and 3 FG’s provided the cushion for the Kats over Indy.

The Look Ahead to Week 7’s Game of the Week

New Whiteland @ Tabbi’s - This game can bring NW to the point where they are the clear favorites in the central but if they lose the Kats can claw the Chicken Pluckerz back to reality. Now the only question is, Who will stand victorious?

The Rewind a look back at Week 6’s Game of the Week

Tequila @ Cincinnati - The Sunrise have lost their rushing attack. This team has to find an identity and quick. The fans are restless, management is at a loss, they have made moves but nothing is panning out for them right now. Meanwhile Cincinnati is killing it. Having an amazing time racking up wins, outside of New Whiteland. Christian McCaffrey did get injured this weekend, let's see if he can answer the bell in week 7.


Oct. 12, 2023

Welcome back to the IFFL. Week 5. It's a glorious day as there are no winless teams in the IFFL. Let’s get to the Power Rankings.

  1. New Whiteland Chicken Pluckerz  (4-1) New Whiteland will try the #1 spot again.
  2. Los Angeles Lords (4-1) Ja’Marr Chase might be just what the doctor ordered.
  3. Cincinnati Bagels (4-1) Took out arch nemesis, Tabbi’s Kats.
  4. Tabbi’s Kats (3-2) Took the L in a hard fought game, Josh Allen its football season.
  5. South Carolina Scarecrows  (3-2) Beat the tar out of SA, & got Nico Collins.
  6. San Antonio Mexican’ts (3-2) Needs to find a battered womans shelter ASAP.
  7. Taipei Personality (3-2) Even losing to the lowly Subs can’t send this team out of the top 7.

Players of the Week

Offensive Player of the Week -
DJ Moore (Pit) This was one hell of a performance against the Dark Side. 230 yards and 3 TD’s for 24 points.

Defense of the Week -  Los Angeles Lords - 15 points scored 4 Sacks, 3 FR’s, 1 Safety & a TD, showed the Lords dominance over the Whale

Special Teams Player of the Week - Jake Elliott from Phi - Knocked home 3 FG’s and 2 XP’s to keep the PB Balls at bay.

The Look Ahead to Week 6’s Game of the Week

Tequila @ Cincinnati- This might be it, a last gasp chance for Tequila to prove they are better than their record shows. If they can come out and cream the Bagels they have a chance at redemption. For the Bagels they are flying high at 4-1, and like last year, they are somehow flying under the radar. This team needs to keep the status quo though and cloud the Sunrise.

The Rewind a Look Back at Week 5’s Game of the Week

San Antonio @ South Carolina - South Carolina who is the perennial underdog in this matchup came in and flexed their muscles and fists, showing her who was boss. This is not your typical Trevor, this was 1950’s backwoods, alcoholic Trevor and he sent a message to the IFFL.

Oct. 05, 2023

Welcome back to the IFFL. Week 4. Let’s get to this week’s power rankings.

  1. Tabbi’s Kats (3-1) Kats just keep winning
  2. San Antonio Mexican’ts (3-1)  The team is ready for the Domestic Violence Bowl
  3. New Whiteland Chicken Pluckerz (3-1) Got blown out by San Antonio, meaning that after 4 weeks there are no perfect teams any longer
  4. Los Angeles Lords (3-1) Joe B better get right soon, second week in a row we call this out
  5. Taipei Personality  (3-1) Cruising along tied with San Antonio and Los Angeles for the lead in the west
  6. Cincinnati Bagels  (3-1) Creamed their way to another win
  7. Indy Animals  (2-2) Lost a close one to LA this week

Players of the Week

Offensive Player of the Week - RB Christian McCaffrey (Cin) Ran for 177 yds and 4 TD’s Looks to take out the Kats this week on the road.

Defense of the Week -  Pittsburgh PB Balls  17 total points, 2 sacks, FR, 2 Ints, 2 TD’s sunk the Scarecrows in Chocolate sauce.

Special Teams Player of the Week - K Brandon Aubrey (LA)  Hit 3 FG’s and 3 xp’s to help calm the Animals.

The Look Ahead to Week 5’s Game of the Week

San Antonio @ South Carolina- The league's annual domestic violence bowl is a must on the football calendar.  The Mexican’ts come into this game the favorite for a change. Can the Scarecrows make the Mexican’ts need a hospital?

The Rewind a look back at Week 4’s Game of the Week

San Antonio at New Whitelandi -  New Whiteland got bitch slapped by San Antonio with 12 4th quarter points causing the Mexican’ts to almost rise to #1 in the power poll for the first time ever this week.

Sep. 28, 2023

Welcome back to the IFFL. Week 3  was action packed and fun. Let’s get to this week’s power rankings.

  1. New Whiteland Chicken Pluckerz (3-0) 3 weeks in and a new number one to lose in week 4.
  2. Tabbi’s Kats (2-1) Kats just keep winning.
  3. San Antonio Mexican’ts (2-1)  They didn’t lose any players this week.
  4. Los Angeles Lords (2-1) Joe B better get right soon.
  5. Indy Animals (2-1) Beat Philly like a drum.
  6. South Carolina Scarecrows (2-1) They better watch out, they might just keep winning.
  7. Philadelphia Dark Side (2-1) Lost to Indy and that's something they do alot of, lose to the Animals.

Players of the Week

Offensive Player of the Week - Raheem Mostert (NW) Ran for 142 yds and 4 TD’s this Boiler is chugging.

Defense of the Week
-  Hartford Whalers  21 total points, 9 sacks, FR, 4 Int and a TD led the Whale to a victory.

Special Teams Player of the Week
- Animals K Jason Myers who hit 5 FG’s and 2 xp to help his team defeat the Dark Side.

The Look Ahead to Week 4’s Game of the Week

San Antonio @ New Whiteland - Can the Mexican’ts defeat the last of the undefeated teams this week or will the Chicken Pluckerz be the first team to stay at number one for 2 straight weeks?

The Rewind a look back at Week 3’s Game of the Week

New Whiteland at Cincinnati -  New Whiteland bitch slapped Cincinnati behind 25 points from Tua and Raheem Mostert and guess what 50 was only half of their final total for the week.


Sep. 21, 2023

Welcome back to the IFFL. Week 2  was so much fun, we still have some amazing teams that are winless, and a few surprises sitting 2-0. Let’s get to this week’s power rankings.

  1. Los Angeles Lords (2-0) The Lords squeaked out a win against Taipei, lets see if they can make it 3 in a row and kill the curse.
  2. New Whiteland Chicken Pluckerz (2-0) This team will go as far as Tua can take them.
  3. Philadelphia Dark Side (2-0) At least this week they didn't lose another QB.
  4. Cincinnati Bagels (2-0)  Blew out Indy on the strength of their defense.
  5. Tequila Sunrise (1-1) That top spot was totally cursed for them.
  6. Tabbi’s Kats (1-1) Moving up one spot are the defending champion Kats. At least Josh Allen was back to normal.
  7. San Antonio Mexican’ts (1-1) Grabbed the victory over Tequila, even though they lost Nick Chubb.

Players of the Week

Offensive Player of the Week - Jared Goff, Philadelphia, 323 yards 3 TD’s, Looking good in a dominant performance against the hated Subs.

Defense of the Week -  Cincinnati Bagels -  The Bagels had 6 sacks, 3 Fumble Recoveries, an INT and 2 TD’s to lead the team back to beat the Animals in the 4th Quarter.

Special Teams Player of the Week - New Whiteland Rookie K Jake Moody, 3 FG’s and 3 XP’s provided the cushion they needed to beat the Ditka’s

The Look Ahead to Week 3’s Game of the Week

New Whiteland at Cincinnati - It’s week 3 and there are only 4 undefeated teams remaining.  This match up is for the top spot in the Central for one more week knowing that the Kats are on their tails.

The Rewind a look back at Week 2’s Game of the Week

Taipei at Los Angeles -  Somehow, someway the Lords put the beat down on Taipei, 8 4th Quarter Blake Grupe points helped survive the 8 points Deshaun Watson got in the 4th quarter for Taipei. The Personality really need to figure out how to beat LA, who they have lost to 3 straight times now.

Sep. 14, 2023

Welcome back to the IFFL Week 1 was very disappointing week for some and for others it was very shocking.

  1. Tequila Sunrise (1-0) Let’s see if the top spot is a curse again this year
  2. Indy Animals (1-0) Dominating win over South Carolina
  3. Los Angeles Lords (1-0) After a wire to wire winning performance against the Kats the Lords make a huge impact on the top 7
  4. Taipei Personality (1-0)  Smashed the Peanut Butter Balls in Pittsburgh
  5. New Whiteland Chicken Pluckerz (1-0) Opened at home with a 700 yard performance Chicago didn’t know what hit them.
  6. Philadelphia Dark Side (1-0) Proving people wrong is the best part of this job.
  7. Tabbi’s Kats (0-1) Might be a little harsh but there were some really impressive performances.

Honorable Mention

Cincinnati (1-0) beat a  very good San Antonio team in double OT this week they are on the cusp if they keep winning.

San Antonio (0-1) see above but in reverse. Back it up!

Players of the Week

Offensive Player of the Week - Tua Tagoviola 471 yards and 3 TDs all while leading the team to a huge divisional win.

Defense of the Week -  Pittsburgh without a question this defense with 32 points was the best of the week, too bad the rest of the team blew donkey.

Special Teams Player of the Week - Los Angeles rookie kicker Blake Grupe 3 FG’s and an XP helped cement the Lords victory.

The Look Ahead to Week 2’s Game of the Week

Taipei at Los Angeles -  This matchup of my #3 and 4 teams in the league this week is another early season ballbuster for the Lords and their mission to try to repeat.

Aug. 30, 2023

Welcome back to the 2nd season of the Endowed 7.  To toot my own horn this column correctly picked the winner of last year's super bowl. Let’s see if we can do it again without further adieu.

The Endowed 7 Preseason Edition

  1. Tabbi’s Kats - Last season's champion is back for more having tasted the title game 2 years in a row.
  2. San Antonio Mexican’ts - This passing attack should be the best in the league, let's see how long Anthony Richardson stays at QB1. Also I'm interested to see if they put in a waiver claim on Kyler Murray, that team could be dangerous.
  3. Chicago Fightin’ Ditka’s - This team is going with a young QB and a loaded backfield, Aaron Jones and JK Dobbins will provide the team the long game, while Zeke Elliott will give them a short yardage back they need.
  4. Tequila Sunrise -  The 3 headed monster of Dameon, Javonte, and Bijan with a Lil Cooper Kupp and Sun God receiving corps should bring the Sunrise back to prominence.
  5. Hartford Whalers - The class of the East somehow they will continue to win.
  6. Pittsburgh Peanut Butter Balls - 2nd best in the East if they can keep Lamar healthy they can go far.
  7. Indy Animals - They look strong, a very balanced team should be able to keep up with the Ditka’s and challenge for 2nd place.

Sorry no honorable mention this week, the rest of the league has some questions to answer first.

Players of the Week

MVP - This award could go to quite a few players, but we will start with saying we believe it's a 2 player race. Josh Allen will either repeat his performances of the last 2 years or Patrick Mahomes will reclaim the title. I said what I said and I'm not ashamed.

Defense of the Year - I feel like this year may just belong to the Los Angeles Lords, the entire team can’t be complete rubbish right?

Special Teams Player of the Year - Hartford’s Evan McPherson might just finally take this spot from Chicago’s Justin Tucker.  Dark Horse candidate is Los Angeles' Blake Grupe who has blown the team away this preseason so far.

The Look Ahead to Week 1’s Game of the Week

Tabbi’s at Los Angeles - Rematch of the Super Bowl, if Los Angeles is going to do anything at all this year they have to come out and hit the Kat’s in the face, which will draw the ire of the Kat’s owner.

Dec. 29, 2022

Welcome to the IFFL! The Semifinal round did not fail to keep us entertained. The Kats defended their home turf while the Whalers failed and lost in the Semi Final round once again.

The Endowed 7 Week Semi Final Edition

  1. Tabbi’s Kats (12-2)
  2. Los Angeles Lords (9-5)
  3. Cincinnati Bagels (10-4)
  4. Hartford Whalers (9-5)
  5. Taipei Personality (9-5)
  6. New Delhi Subs (8-6)
  7. Philadelphia Dark Side (8-6)

The Bagels were good until the onslaught from the Kats in the 3rd quarter, a 22 point effort which saw the Kats go from 13 down to 7 up in the frame and held in the 4th. The Whalers on the other hand didn’t have a chance, the Lords took the lead early and held it throughout.

Players of the Week

Offensive PotW –
Joe Burrow, Los Angeles 380 yards 3 TD’s. Someone is trying to singlehandedly win his team a Super Bowl this season.  Burrow will be under the spotlight next week against the Kats.

Defensive PotW – Tabbi’s Kats – A 16 point 3rd quarter started by the Kats defense’s 6 sacks, 3 INT’s, FR, and TD, proved this team was not as dead as some had said at halftime.

Kicker of the Week – Jason Sanders, Los Angeles 2 FG and 2 XP helped keep the whalers at bay in the 3rd quarter this week.

Game of the Week – Cincinnati @ Tabbi’s – “Now son, let me teach you a lesson,” that is how the story should start if the Kats win the championship.  This team is molded in the image of their owner,  tough as nails with a huge heart. This will be a very difficult team to beat in the Super Bowl.  Burrow and friends better be ready.

The Look Ahead Super Bowl XXVII (27) –

Los Angeles @ Tabbi’s – The game is set, the venue is ready, the teams are in LA, the away team has an advantage of familiar field advantage and its almost game time.  This seasons Super Bowl is bound to be a good one. It’s a replay of a week 4 game in which the Lords prevailed 60-30. The Kats will need to play a lot better than they did in the earlier game. As for the Lords they just need Joe Burrow to stay hot, and the rest should take care of itself. They are built for this game, this is why the immediate future was mortgaged during the season. We will find out the winner of the game at the end of the 4th quarter. The Kats have been the favorite for the entire season. The Lords are one of the hottest teams in the league.  Going out on a limb the winner will be….

Dec. 22, 2022

Welcome to the IFFL! The home teams won the Wild Card games this week, now we move onto the final 4 with a trip to the Superbowl on the line!

The Endowed 7 Week 14 Edition

  1. Tabbi’s Kats (12-2)
  2. Cincinnati Bagels (10-4)
  3. Hartford Whalers (9-5)
  4. Los Angeles Lords (9-5)
  5. Taipei Personality (9-5)
  6. New Delhi Subs (8-6)
  7. Philadelphia Dark Side (8-6)

New Delhi lost 5 straight games to finish the season that has to hurt, Taipei also lost 5 of 6 to finish the season.

Players of the Week

Offensive PotW –Joe Burrow, Los Angeles 208 yards 4 TD’s and a 2 pt conversion, Just like he did in the regular season Burrow carved up the Sub defense. This time he threw all 4 TD’s in the second half, to be precise. I bet the Subs are elated not to play Burrow again.

Defensive PotW – Taipei– I know they lost this week but lets call out how truly amazing this defense has been this season. When they need a stop or sack or interception this defense was there to make sure it happened.

Kicker of the Week –
Jason Sanders, Los Angeles 3 FG and 2 XP leading to a huge 1st quarter lead for the Lords. Could Sanders prove to be the difference maker again this week?

Game of the Week – New Delhi @ Los Angeles – New Delhi played a heck of a game but in the end their defense was not strong enough to stop the Lords, and the offensive weapons in Los Angeles cam out to play.

The Look Ahead Semi Final Games of the Week –

Los Angeles @ Hartford – It’s going to be cold this week, and we mean like really, really cold. This game may come down to rushing attacks as Burrow and Mahomes should perform. So let’s see how well the runners do, LA has Dobbins, Sanders, & Ekeler going against Kamara, Stevenson, and Jacobs for the Whalers. Amazingly this is the first time these teams have met this season.

Cincinnati @ Tabbi’s – Round 3 of this family affair is for all the marbles, and in the words of the Kats Owner, “I love that boy with my whole heart, but I’m going to tan his hide this weekend, its time for the Kats to hold the trophy."  The teams split the regular season meeting, they are pretty evenly matched and it might just come down to the kicker and defensive matchups.

Dec. 15, 2022

Welcome to the IFFL! This season has been wild and crazy (but not 2 crazy guys, as #1 is a woman and #2 is someone who thinks women belong in the kitchen baking him pie) and has now come to an end.  Tequila will draft first in August, and our number 7 team below will draft 8th overall, Wild Card weekend is upon us now lets get back to work and premier the Endowed 7 Playoff Edition.

The Endowed 7 Week 14 Edition

  1. Tabbi’s Kats (12-2)
  2. Cincinnati Bagels (10-4)
  3. Hartford Whalers (9-5)
  4. Los Angeles Lords (9-5)
  5. Taipei Personality (9-5)
  6. New Delhi Subs (8-6)
  7. Philadelphia Dark Side (8-6)

New Delhi has lost 4 straight, Philadelphia lost their QB on the 3rd play of the game or it might be Philly instead of New Delhi in the playoffs today.

Players of the Week

Offensive PotW – Evan Engram, Cincinnati – 162 yards and 2 TD’s, the big lumbering TE scored 24 individual points to pace the Bagels over Taipei in what would become a Wildcard preview.

Defensive PotW – Los Angeles –  TD, 6 sacks and 2 ints gave the Lords the cushion they would need to keep Philadelphia at bay.

Kicker of the Week – Jake Elliott, Phildelphia – In a losing effort Elliott had 2 FG’s and 6 XP’s to help the Dark Side keep it close in the first half against Los Angeles.

Game of the Week – Tabbi’s @ San Antonio – While there were better games on the schedule that meant more, we should always take time out to celebrate the women of the IFFL and discuss the Fine Lady Bowl. For the Kats, Josh Allen came out and made it his mission to whip Dak Prescott into submission which is just what he did. CeeDee Lamb and Nick Chubb were held in check the entire game. Really, the players that did score for SA weren't too exciting.  Allen and Henry are a daunting task in the playoffs for whoever faces them. I kind of feel sorry for the winner of Cincinnati/Taipei, or New Delhi as that will be a real beast of a game in the Litter Box.

The Look Ahead Wild Card Games of the Week –

New Delhi @ Los Angeles –  On paper this game should be very evenly matched, but as we all know the game is not played on paper.  I see Los Angeles coming out and taking an early lead, but the Subs will fight their way back into the game and at the end its anybody’s guess as to who will come out on top. Slightest of edges to Los Angeles at QB.

Taipei @ Cincinnati – This game will be a knock down, drag out game that I have no idea who will win.  With the teams coming off a fresh 86-37 Cincinnati drubbing I expect tempers to be high and emotions to run wild during this game. I think Cincinnati is a little better than Taipei at this point in the season, so I give them the slight edge.

Dec 08, 2022

A jumbled mess heading into the playoffs! The Subs lose again, the Whalers win again. Six teams in a dead heat racing toward the playoffs. Welcome to the IFFL!

The Endowed 7 Week 13 Edition

  1. Tabbi’s Kats (11-2)
  2. Cincinnati Bagels (9-4)
  3. Philadelphia Dark Side (8-5)
  4. Taipei Personality (9-4)
  5. Hartford Whalers (8-5)
  6. Los Angeles Lords (8-5)
  7. New Delhi Subs (8-5)

New Delhi has lost 3 straight, Los Angeles has lost 2 straight, Taipei finally wins again after losing 4 of 5 and Philadelphia and Hartford have won 3 straight, oh and the only one of these teams to clinch the playoffs is Taipei.

Players of the Week

Offensive PotW – Jalen Hurts, South Carolina – 392 yards and 4 TD’s willing his team to try to come back against Hartford and play spoiler, he literally came up 8 yards short.

Defensive PotW – Cincinnati Bagels – 3 Defensive TD’s puts them in the playoffs and confirms the Sunrise will pick number one overall.

Kicker of the Week – Brandon McManus, Tabbi’s – 3 FG’s to help the team to victory #11.

Game of the Week – New Delhi @ Taipei – The foreign language bowl 2022 was pretty tight thru 3 quarters but then in the 4th Taipei blew it open with Brady throwing 2 TD’s in the frame.

The Look Ahead Week 14 Game of the Week –

Tabbi’s @ San Antonio – It's not really crucia,l except for the fact that I get to say Fine Lady Bowl 2022 in print and it will be here forever for anyone to read.  Tabbi’s can win 12 games this year which would tie the league record for number of wins in a season.  San Antonio can compete for one more week then this dismal season will come to an end.

Nov. 27, 2022

Another wild week 11! Where Taipei loses their 3rd straight game and 4 in the last 5. Los Angeles wins again. Philadelphia without a QB beats New Delhi. Welcome to the IFFL!

The Endowed 7 Week 11 Edition

  1. Tabbi’s Kats (9-2)
  2. Los Angeles Lords (8-3)
  3. New Delhi Subs (8-3)
  4. Cincinnati Bagels (7-4)
  5. Taipei Personality (7-4)
  6. Philadelphia Dark Side (6-5)
  7. Hartford Whalers (6-5)

New Delhi’s loss knocks them from the top spot. Tabbi’s and Los Angeles are in the byes. We are inching closer to playoff football.

Players of the Week

Offensive PotW – Joe Burrow, Los Angeles – 360 yards and 4 TD’s helping to secure an unsurmountable lead in the 4th quarter against the upstart Bagels.

Defensive PotW – South Carolina Scarecrows – Allowing only 163 yards, getting 7 sacks and a Fumble Recovery led to 11 points for the Scarecrow defense leading them to their 5th win on the season and keeping playoff hopes, no matter how slim alive.

Kicker of the Week – Tyler Bass, Hartford – 6 FG’s and an XP leading to 19 points lead the way for the Whalers to beat Pittsburgh and stay in contention for the playoffs.

Game of the Week – New Delhi @ Philadelphia – New Delhi came into the game on a high note, but Philadelphia had something up their sleeve, RB Jamal Williams, scoring 3 TD’s on the day and 2 additional TD’s from Amari Cooper made it so that it didn’t matter that the Dark Side had no QB.

The Look Ahead Week 12 Game of the Week –

Thanksgiving Week 2022

Philadelphia @ South Carolina– Can the Scarecrows keep giving their fanbase hope of a postseason run? Can the Dark Side keep moving up and finally surpass the Whalers and move into a playoff position?  Will both teams ultimately fail and miss out on the postseason like they have thought for most of the year? Tune in this week to find out the answers to the most important questions.  Also Jalen Hurts needs to have a great week to move the Scarecrows up the division standings.

Nov. 17, 2022

Another wild week where Taipei barely loses to Los Angeles and Cincinnati, New Delhi, and Tabbi’s win again. Welcome to the IFFL!

The Endowed 7 Week 10 Edition

  1. New Delhi Subs (8-2)
  2. Tabbi’s Kats (8-2)
  3. Los Angeles Lords (7-3)
  4. Cincinnati Bagels (7-3)
  5. Taipei Personality (7-3)
  6. Indy Animals (6-4)
  7. Hartford & Philadelphia Dark Side (5-5)

Hartford and Philadelphia try to grasp on to the 7th spot. Does anyone want it?  

Players of the Week

Offensive PotW – Patrick Mahomes, Hartford – 4 TD’s and 370 yards yielding 27 individual points and along with K Tyler Bass made the Whalers hopes of beating the Subs a near reality.

Defensive PotW – Los Angeles – The Lords defense gets the nod this week for the late sack which proved to be the winning margin.

Kicker of the Week – Cameron Dicker, New Delhi 3 FG’s and an XP was the difference in bringing down the Whalers and keeping their repeat hopes alive.

Game of the Week – Taipei @ Los Angeles – Los Angeles halts a 4-game losing streak to Taipei by grabbing a late sack on QB Tom Brady securing a 37-36 win.

The Look Ahead Week 11 Game of the Week –          
New Delhi @ Philadelphia – Round 2 this time it may just be the difference between playoffs or staying home.  The Dark Side have made major strides to put themselves in positions to win these games late in the season that have playoff implications.

Nov. 09, 2022

Another wild week where San Antonio wins again. Welcome to the IFFL!

The Endowed 7 Week 9 Edition

  1. New Delhi Subs (7-2)
  2. Tabbi’s Kats (7-2)
  3. Taipei Personality (7-2)
  4. Los Angeles Lords (6-3)
  5. Indy Animals (6-3)
  6. Cincinnati Bagels (6-3)
  7. Philadelphia Dark Side (5-4)

Hartford makes a case to get back in the list but the Dark Side hold on to the 7th spot.

Players of the Week

Offensive PotW – Joe Mixon, New Dellhi – 5 TD’s and 211 yards yielding 36 indiviual points almost singlehandedly gives the Subs a victory over South Carolina.

Defensive PotW – Hartford Whalers – scoring 23 points, which is almost unheard of for a defense, powered the Whalers past the undermanned Fightin’ Ditka’s.

Kicker of the Week –
Ryan Succop, San Antonio 3 FG’s and an XP was the difference in bringing down the IFFL’s best team, by one of the more disappointing teams.

Game of the Week – Cincinnati @ Tabbi’s- This family affair was one for the ages and came down to some 4th quarter play. The Kats got a late score from Isiah Likely to secure the victory.

The Look Ahead Week 10 Game of the Week –

Taipei @ Los Angeles – Round 2. This time it will result in the lead for the division.  Los Angeles has built this roster for this game and although they will be missing Joe Burrow, they still have one of the most potent offense’s in the league led this week by Russell Wilson. Taipei will probably just keep going, having beaten the Lords 4 straight times coming into this game.

Nov. 02, 2022

Another wild week 8! Finally San Antonio win moving into a tie with Tequila for the 1st overall draft choice.  Welcome to the IFFL!

The Endowed 7 Week 9 Edition

  1. Taipei Personality (7-1)
  2. Cincinnati Bagels (6-2)
  3. New Delhi Subs (6-2)
  4. Tabbi’s Kats (6-2)
  5. Los Angeles Lords (5-3)
  6. Indy Animals (5-3)
  7. Philadelphia Dark Side (4-4)

Hartford screwed themselves out of the list by benching Alvin Kamara for some stupid reason, their lineup decisions this season are just plain idiotic.

Players of the Week

Offensive PotW  – Jalen Hurts, South Carolina, 295 yards 4 TD’s and 24 individual points led the Scarecrows to a win over Los Angeles.

Defensive PotW – South Carolina Scarecrows- 4 sacks, 1 FR, TD, back to back weeks for the Scarecrow defense and  2 straight wins make this team dangerous going into the stretch run.

Kicker of the Week – Nick Folk, New Delhi, 5/5 FG’s, and 1/1 extra points make this game his best this season.

Game of the Week – Philadelphia @ Indy- Boy oh boy! The Dark Side put up 92 points last week behind the stellar connection of QB Kyler Murray to WR AJ Brown.  A career game from Tony Pollard didn’t hurt much either

The Look Ahead to Week 9 Game of the Week –

Cincinnati @ Tabbi’s – Round 2, this time it will result in the lead for the division.  Cincinnati is on a good run since McCaffery has stayed healthy this season.  Lets see if Derrick Henry and Josh Allen can carve up the Bagel defense.

Oct. 28, 2022

Another wild one in week 7; where South Carolina, Chicago, and Pittsburgh win to try to get away from the #1 overall pick.  Welcome to the IFFL!

The Endowed 7 Week 8 Edition

  1. Taipei Personality (6-1)
  2. Los Angeles Lords (5-2)
  3. Indy Animals (5-2)
  4. Cincinnati Bagels (5-2)
  5. New Delhi Subs (5-2)
  6. Tabbi’s Kats (5-2)
  7. Hartford Whalers (4-3)

The top 7 stays the same just a little shuffling amongst the leaders.  The Bagels drop to #4 after another loss on the season.  Taipei suffered their first loss but they stay at #1.

Players of the Week

Offensive PotW  – Joe Burrow, Los Angeles, QB Burrow accounted for 48 individual points in the game after torching the Sub defense for 501 yards and 4 TD’s on the day.

Defensive PotW – South Carolina Scarecrows- 5 sacks, 3 FR, 2 Ints, while allowing only 312 yards to the Sunrise mean this team is finally being talked about this season… for something other than losing.

Kicker of the Week – Cairo Santos, Chicago, 4/4 FG’s, and 3/3 extra points make this game his best of the season.

Game of the Week – New Delhi @ Los Angeles- Boy, oh Boy! The Lords put up 83 points last week behind the stellar leadership of QB Joe Burrow and RB Ezekiel Elliot.

The Look Ahead Week 8 Game of the Week –

Philadelphia @ Taipei – The Dark Side are looking for a win after 2 straight losses. They head to Taipei who have to be angry about their first loss of the season. Expect the Personality to be taking their anger out on Philadelphia.

Oct. 05, 2022

The Bagels, Personality, Lords, and Animals all win in Week 4.  Welcome to the IFFL!

The Endowed 7 Week 4 Edition

  1. Taipei Personality (4-0)
  2. Cincinnati Bagels (4-0)
  3. Indy Animals (3-1)
  4. Los Angeles Lords (3-1)
  5. New Delhi Subs (3-1)
  6. Tabbi’s Kats (2-2)
  7. Philadelphia Dark Side (2-2)

The Subs have finally come back to the Endowed 7.  The Bagels drop to #2 after an impressive performance by Taipei.  Los Angeles doubles up the Kats, and Indy beats an injury riddled Tequila.

Players of the Week

Offensive PotW  – TJ Hockenson, Taipei Personality 179 yards and 2 TD’s, a 2pt conversion & 38 individual points sent Taipei screaming towards 100 points this week.

Defensive PotW –  Hartford Whalers 7 sack, 1 fumble recovery, 1 interception returned for a TD.  This is how the Whalers are supposed to play football.

Kicker of the Week – Greg Joseph, Cincinnati Bagels- Hit 5/5 FG attempts to give the Bagels a comfy cushion.

Game of the Week – Tequila at Indy The Animals came out ready to play.  The Sunrise settled in the sky and then lost Javonte Williams, his loss was something that even Cooper Kupp couldn’t help Tequila overcome.  It may be a long season in New Mexico now.

The Look Ahead Week 3 Game of the Week –

Indy at Cincinnati. The Animals travel down I-74 to play the Bagels this weekend. This is our game of the week and its for early control of the Central Division.  Can the Animals put together another awesome performance or will the Bagels continue to play at heights never before achieved.

Sep. 28, 2022

As soon as I think I have this season figured out, The Kats play the Bagels and completely screw everything up.  Welcome to the IFFL!

The Endowed 7 Week 3 Edition

  1. Cincinnati Bagels (3-0)
  2. Taipei Personality (3-0)
  3. Tabbi’s Kats (2-1)
  4. Indy Animals (2-1)
  5. Philadelphia Dark Side (2-1)
  6. Los Angeles Lords (2-1)
  7. Pittsburgh Peanut Butter Balls (2-1)

The Subs were close to making the list after taking out the Whalers.  The Bagels move up to 1 after their shellacking of the Kats.   Will the top spot be a curse for the Bagels or will the team continue to flourish?

Players of the Week

Offensive PotW  – Lamar Jackson, Pittsburgh Peanut Butter Balls 325 yards and 5 TD’s for Lamar Propelling the team to a huge victory this week.

Defensive PotW – Taipei Personality, 9 sacks, 1 FR’s, this defensive performance is why the Sunrise are now 1-2 in the West. 

Kicker of the Week – Matt Prater, Pittsburgh Peanut Butter Balls- Hit 4/4 FG attempts to give the PB Balls an insurmountable lead.

Game of the Week – Cincinnati at Tabbi’s The Kats came out strong against the Bagels, but it was the Bagels closing strength and ground game that ultimately gave them the victory.

The Look Ahead Week 4 Game of the Week

For the 1st time all season this space doesn’t include the Kats. Tequila @ Indy is the game to watch in week 4.  Both teams will be looking to correct course after week 3 losses. The Sunrise need a win to stay in the hunt for the playoffs while the Animals are looking to take the division.

Sep. 22, 2022

Another wild week in the IFFL is in the books, week 2 was just as unpredictable as week 1,

The Endowed 7 Week 2 Edition

1. Tabbi’s Kats (2-0)
2. Indy Animals (2-0)
3. Taipei Personality (2-0)
4. Cincinnati Bagels (2-0)
5. Philadelphia Dark Side (1-1)
6. Los Angeles Lords (1-1)
7. Hartford Whalers (1-1)

The Whalers got cut by the buzzsaw that is the Kats this week and Los Angeles lost a barn burner to Taipei. They will be back though, the same might not be able to be said for Chicago, New Whiteland and San Antonio.

Players of the Week

Offensive PotW – Lamar Jackson, Pittsburgh Peanut Butter Balls 437 yards and 4 TD’s from Lamar carried the team to victory.

Defensive PotW – Indy Animals, 6 sacks, 2 FR’s, 3 Int’s, a TD and a partridge in a pear tree, is what propelled the Animals to a vital division win over rival Chicago.

Kicker of the Week – Brandon McManus, Tabbi’s Kats- Back-to-back weeks of 10 point games for McManus is the type of consistency the Kats need to bring home the championship.

Game of the Week – Tabbi’s @ Hartford Another great game of the week until the 4th quarter when Josh Allen exploded to lead the Kats to 25 un answered points and an 18 point victory.

The Look Ahead Week 3 Game of the Week –

For an unprecedented 3rd straight week the Kats are in the spotlight, this time against the upstart Bagels who will be trying not to get burned by Josh Allen and Co. If the Bagels have any shot this week, Trevor Lawrence, Christian McCaffery and team have to play the games of their lives this week.

Sep. 18, 2022

Football is back and week 1 of the 2022 IFFL season is in the books and oh, baby, what a week it was!

The Endowed 7 Week 1 Edition

  1. Tabbi’s Kats (1-0)
  2. Philadelphia Dark Side (1-0)
  3. Los Angeles Lords (1-0)
  4. Hartford Whalers (1-0)
  5. Indy Animals (1-0)
  6. Taipei Personality (1-0)
  7. Cincinnati Bagels (1-0)

DO NOT under no circumstances write off the South Carolina Scarecrows. Tequila will be better than advertised as well.

Players of the Week

Offensive PotW  – Patrick Mahomes, Hartford, 365 yards and 5 TD’s gives the Whalers the franchise QB they drafted Lamar Jackson to be but that he failed to develop the traits.

Defensive PotW – Philadelphia Dark Side, 7 sacks, 4 interceptions and a pick 6, and a fumble recovery, not a bad week against Lamar Jackson and the PB Balls offense.

Kicker of the Week – Ryan Succop, San Antonio 4/4 FG and an XP, unfortunately he was all of the offense for the Mexican’ts.

Game of the Week –
New Delhi @ Tabbi’s This proved to be a hell of a matchup, just as the league schedulers predicted when they drew up the schedule.  The Kat's appear ready to take the next step to a League championship.

The Look Ahead to the Week 2 Game of the Week –

This time we are going to Hartford v Tabbi’s.  The Kats have a loaded schedule during the first half of the season, and this is just another challenge to see if they are ready to win it all come January.

Sep. 10, 2022

Memphis, TEN- A new weekly article! In this space I will tell you all what I see looking back on the previous week, who were my players of the week, a look ahead to the next week, and the game of the week.

So without further ado, lets get this column started.

The Endowed 7 Premier edition!

1. Tabbi’s Kats
2. Philadelphia Dark Side
3. Los Angeles Lords
4. Pittsburgh Peanut Butter Balls
5. South Carolina Scarecrows
6. Hartford Whalers
7. Chicago Fightin’ Ditka’s

The top half of the league as I see it. Its close but it looks like a down year for Tequila and New Delhi. Teams to watch out for are Taipei and Cincinnati.

Players of the Week
Since this is preseason, we will try to predict with terrible accuracy the Offensive Player of the Year, Defense of the Year and the Kicker of the Year.

Offensive MVP –
Got to give all the love here to Josh Allen, the Kats QB is looking to keep going with how he finished the season last year, except this year he plans on winning the Riesbeck trophy and taking it back to Tiskawa.

Defense MVP – I believe this is a 3-team race, between Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Hartford. Injuries and Gilmore Girls marathons may just be the difference maker here.

Best Kicker – By far this is a 2-horse race between Tequila’s Evan McPherson and Indy’s Justin Tucker.

Lookin’ ahead to Week 1

Game of the Week – New Delhi @ Tabbi’s The fans are getting a barn burner in week 1 and I expect that the league will be trending towards a new champion after this game.

The runners up

Tequila @ Los Angeles – Lords fans this might be your year however your team will have to put up some amazing numbers vs the division rival Sunrise, not to mention get over a huge hump that they haven’t seemed to be able to conquer.

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia – This might be for the power in the east, getting off to a fast start will be the difference coming in at the end of the season.

Trade Deadline Approaching! - 07 Nov, 2023

Bedford, IN - The 2023 trade deadline is upon us. All trades must be in to the league offices by noon Thursday, Nov. 9th.

The trade deadline has been extended until noon on Thursday. This is a result of a snafu in the league offices and the planned announcement wasn't sent out as intended. Due to this it was decided that another 48 hours was appropriate.

Sorry for the confusion. We are trying to figure out how to improve our efficiency while still working our employees to death, unfortunately it is still a work in progress.

L.A. Lords Issue Formal Apology - 28 Oct, 2023
New Delhi Trades TE to Philly - 04 Oct, 2023

Philadelphia, PA - New Delhi makes the first trade of the season with Philadelphia (is anyone shocked by this?) as the division rivals flip back up TE’s and the Dark Side part with a 3rd round pick as well. Hayden Hurst and Donald Parham are trading spots in the East division as Parham goes to the basement and Hurst collects his belongings and heads to the 3rd floor.

Said Philadelphia Owner Avan Beaver, “This is all about the targets, Hurst is a target monster.” It was quickly pointed out to Mr. Beaver that targets do not equal points. The team has now parted with their 3rd round pick which is a sweet spot pick which will surely cripple them in 2024.

Pete Shaunki of New Delhi fame said, “I will not take my fourth straight loss and a loss in the Honey Mustard Incident game lightly, we must rebuild this team,  ½ a TD at a time. Parham is averaging that this season."

This reporter has heard that New Delhi was offered at least 3 deals involving Hurst, artificially inflating his value and he chose this one. I guess the Subs are really trying to lose out this season. Well the Subs and Pete Shaunki are dead to me at this point in time and we will not waste our time reporting on them any more this season.


Chase Gets Wish, Moves Stateside While LA Mortgages Future Again - 04 Oct, 2023

Los Angeles, CA - In a strange twist of fate, after the deal appeared dead and the players were told to stand down, Ja'marr Chase will be reunited with Joe Burrow on the LA Lords. A week ago tonight this deal appeared dead as the teams could not agree on compensation for Chase and the talks had pivoted to other players on the rosters. The teams both thought the deal was dead.

So what changed? Ja'marr Chase started complaining about an ankle injury and how he would probably need to miss a few weeks while at the same time starting to make arrangements to go back to the US to “rehab the injury”. That seemed to be enough for Subs owner Pete Shaunki to pull the trigger on a deal, he just needed to find someone to overpay.  Patsy found. With a quick text Jaylen Waddle, a 1st round pick and 3rd round pick were moved to New Delhi for Ja'marr Chase.

The teams came together on the deal quickly with Beaver agreeing to the trade even though he knew what was at stake, knowing if this goes south that he just gave up a s**t ton of draft capital that will cripple his franchise next season. “In my mind this is an easy choice, and besides we are all in this to for one thing  and one thing only, the Riesbeck Trophy. It's been 12 years since I held that trophy, far, far too long.” 

For Shaunki and his Subs this brings to an end their last championship winning team and all of the work that went into assembling that team is finished.  “If there is one thing I’ve realized you have to be willing to make the hard decisions and move on from players that are no longer willing to put in the work.” 

Chase and Waddle will arrive at their new destinations and prepare to play this week. For Chase he gets a chance to face Hartford’s defense again this weekend and has another chance to prove he still has it in front of his new fans. Still, we are left to wonder why Beaver made this mind-bogglingly stupid move. He danced around the questions at the press conference to announce the move and there is no logical reason why you make this trade. Is Chase a generational talent? Yes. is Chase better than Waddle? Yes. Do you cripple your franchise and make the following year a pain in the ass? No, you don’t and that is what's so mind-boggling. Everyone in Lords Park better pray that this works out or someone other than Beaver will pay the price.


Blockbuster Deal Between Tequila and Indy Sees Herbert, Kupp Shange Teams - 04 Oct, 2023

Tequila, NM - Tequila has made a move! After spending too much time in the cellar over the past 2 seasons the team has made a move to get Justin Herbert from the Animals for a package highlighted by WR’s 'lil Cooper Kupp and George Pickens.

The Animals owner, who was sitting pretty with his QB depth, has swung for the fences and bet his season on the fact that Cooper Kupp can return to preinjury form soon. Kupp will join up with Pickens and Calvin Ridley to form an action packed WR core to go along with, well just Kirk Cousins or Jordan Love. I mean neither of those guys are going to sell a ticket but they might put up some points if they can stay upright.

Tequila had to do something after drafting Dak Prescott this season and watching him s**t himself the first 3 weeks, turning to Love in their week 4 blowout to the Kats. Really what else is new a team got blown out by the Kats, but that is going off topic. The Sunrise have set themselves up for excellence at QB and rebuilt their roster so they can fight to get out of the cellar.

Indy also didn't hurt themselves too much, especially if Kupp can return and play up to his potential. This might go down as a trade that helps both teams in the now. Other owners should take notice of this and not go out to solely trade-rape everyone Every. Single. Time a trade is offered.


New Beginnings and Old Friends: The IFFL 2023 Player Selection Meeting - 26 Aug, 2023

BEDFORD, IN - The day started as so many others for commissioner Dixon with the sun blaring thru the windows and Chloe the dog waiting to go outside. Although this day is astonishingly different as he will have the 1st overall selection in the draft later that afternoon. The fans will be looking to make sure he's bringing them back to the top of the league and not sending the franchise further down the hole.

Fast forward a few hours and the draft is minutes from starting. The front office in Tequila is making last minute updates to the teams impending pick; which will be very anticlimactic, as we found out in April that the team would be drafting RB Bijan Robinson #1 overall. The thinking is Robinson will bring back the team's run first mentality and take pressure off the starting quarterback, whoever that might be. We found out it will be Dak Prescott, opening up another option in the passing game. As the other owners started to show up: Kevin Ryburn, Chad Allen, Tabbi Brewer and Pete Shaunki in person; with Avan Beaver, Jason Beaver and the Harless’s, Trevor and Tanya, by remote. The time draws ever closer and the nerves break free.

The draft officially started with the announcement from Pete that New Delhi and New Whiteland had consummated the first trade of the year. Davante Adams for Travis Kelce, trying to help both teams with their worst positions on each team respectively. Maybe this will tell us if the script of Pete top/Kevin bottom will be flipped this year or if it stays the same.

Finally the time came for Commissioner Dixon to start the draft and turn into Owner Dixon, drafting Robinson. The rest of the first round went smoothly and quickly with Los Angeles and Tabbi’s Kats ending the first round. After 4.5 hours the draft was complete and the league was back in full swing. We are all waiting patiently for the league to update the rosters and the free agent list. The schedule will then be released, which is expected to follow the pattern of the last few years and kick off on Thursday Sept 7 with Tabbi’s Kats visiting the site of their championship victory in Los Angeles to take on the Lords, which they should have an easy time starting 1-0.

Lords Lose to Kats in Historic Championship Game - 08 Jan, 2023

Los Angeles, CA - It was a historic championship Sunday in the IFFL. As we were all witnessing the inevitable crowning of Tabbi’s Kat’s as IFFL champions, their first in the team’s history, a literal hurricane suddenly hit the LA coast last Sunday during the middle of the championship game. The league came together and voted to run the championship game back yesterday, at least that was the plan. Spurred on by their near death experiences, QB’s Joe Burrow and Josh Allen informed the league they would not play without another week off to prepare. The league capitulated but honestly it didn’t matter as Burrow, Justin Jefferson, and Jaylen Waddle left recently acquired Austin Ekeler to try to win the game by himself as they watched Allen and company dominate the game 91-53. LA owner Jason Beaver was overheard maniacally telling anyone that would listen, and some that would’ve rather not, that he was firing the “whole damn team” after embarrassing him like that for no apparent reason. Later he did the respectable thing at the podium and publicly congratulated Tabbi Brewer on her teams win.

The Kat’s have been one of the most luck struck teams in the IFFL. Every year it seems that they are either so close to a championship or they are the worst team in the league. It’s got to be the draft strategy of the owner preferring players who went to college at schools with Kat mascots; think Lions, Bengals, Panthers or Jaguars. QB Josh Allen got over the hump in convincing fashion this season and turned in a Super Bowl MVP performance. Questions immediately went to can you repeat? Brewer, who was not having any of it, stepped up to the microphone to admonish this reporter and make sure the media handled her team with the respect they deserve. “We are the champions of the world and we are not going to discuss repeats at this time. We are going to bask in the glory of continuing to dominate the Lords, or whatever they call themselves now,” she stated with a dismissive wave of her hand.

Kickoff to next season starts in September. We can't wait for it to begin.


Tequila Finishes Up Terrible Season, Will Draft #1 in August - 15 Dec, 2022

Tequila, NM – The Sunrise capped the worst season in franchise history Sunday in a loss to Hartford.  Owner Jeff Dixon at his end of season press conference had no real idea as to what happened to the team this season.  They made 2 minor trades, trading David Montgomery to New Delhi and Amon Ra St Brown and Pat Freiermuth to Los Angeles, and just ended up losing a lot this season.

The top of the IFFL draft order is set:

  1. Tequila 1-13 - QB was a big issue as Derek Carr just never performed this season. Injuries were big part of the season as well.
  2. Pittsburgh 3-11 – Lamar Jackson never got comfortable in Pittsburgh after having been in Hartford his whole career.
  3. Chicago 4-10 – Traded away most of the roster this season so it will be a fresh team come August.
  4. San Antonio 5-9 – Losing Dak early was a terrible thing to try, when one is trying to win a championship.
  5. New Whiteland 6-8 – Just got a lot of teams best efforts this season.
  6. South Carolina 6-8 – The gift of trading away Justin Jefferson just kept giving them losses most of the season.
  7. Indy 8-6 – Had injury issues most of the season, made a late push and just came up short on points.
  8. Chicago (via Philly) 4-10 (from Philadelphia 8-6) – Week 14 ACL injury to Kyler Murray cost Philadelphia a chance to make the playoffs. Chicago traded the aforementioned Murray to Philly for this pick.

Each of these teams are locked into this draft position before trades are added into the equation. It just so happens that I remember the Philly/Chicago trade and went ahead and added it in here.

Keep your eyes peeled here for updates throughout the offseason, as we will be posting a few fun tidbits during the offseason this year.

Los Angeles Strikes Again, Makes Deal With Chicago On Blockbuster Deal - 06 Nov, 2022

Los Angeles, CA – League and team sources in Los Angeles have confirmed that the Figthin’ Ditkas and the Lords have struck a deal to send RB Austin Ekeler to LA for RB Ezekiel Elliott and a 4th round pick.

Ekeler has been the bell cow back in Chicago for years and was a key cog in the 2017 run to the Riesbeck trophy for owner Shadd Wright.  Sources on both sides of the deal said it came together very fast and was not hard to make a deal.  The offer came in with what was felt was the Lords best offer and we made a minor adjustment to the deal, and it was accepted.  The teams have always worked well together, going back years now.

The trade from the Los Angeles side of things sets them up for a stretch run that will include games against Taipei, Cincinnati, Indy, and Philadelphia amongst others. This is when the best teams look for players that will push them over the top in the playoffs.  Did the Lords just get that player? Have they done enough or too much?

The best part about all this is that the trade deadline is on Tuesday November 8, 2022 at 11:59:59 PM est so there is still plenty of time for more deals to change the leagues balance of power.

Los Angeles Continues Making Roster Moves, New Delhi Makes Interdivision Trade - 06 Nov, 2022

Los Angeles, CA – Team officials from Los Angeles announced today a trade that sends Robert Tonyan and their 2nd round pick to Tequila for Amon Ra St. Brown and Pat Freiermuth. This is a move to improve the TE position, and add depth in the WR room.

“It’s kind of frustrating honestly. You have 14 owners in this league, most teams really try to keep it easy and make trades that make sense for both teams. You have a group that is trying to win every trade without trying. Sometimes you have to give up talent to get talent back in a trade, not just try to take a player that has performed in literally 2 games out of 9 and trade for a top 3 scorer in the league. Lastly there is that group of owners that you send an offer too and they don’t respond, I mean please tell me no, send me a counter offer or tell me the player is untouchable. Like literally you are 1-6 I know you have no desire to continue playing this season, but the rest of us may be trying to improve our teams so we can make a run at the title.  Injuries happen in this sport and if you are in a position of strength then help someone else out, who knows you may get a player back that costs the original team a playoff spot. Its 2022, technology is all around us. It takes what a minute or less to read, and reply to an email and say at the least yes or no. Really that is all we ask,” said Jason Beaver, in the first real tirade that he has gone on this season.

For Tequila this deal makes sense, as it gives two fan favorites a chance to go to LA and compete for a playoff spot. This is an organization that is usually around the top of the league in player friendly organiztions, and this is one of the reasons why.  They are not afraid to let talent go and if the situation calls for it to bring in players to make the team better.

In other news out of the IFFL today, New Delhi trades their 5th round pick to Pittsburgh for oft injured WR Keenan Allen, it was announced earlier this week that Allen would miss the game this week, and possibly multiple weeks, again after only playing 2 games all season this year. Will this be a wasted trade by New Delhi or will Allen come back late for a playoff run this season?  Guess we will just have to wait and see.

Philadelphia, Chicago Strike 6 Player Blockbuster! Murray and Stafford Involved - 30 Oct, 2022

Los Angeles, CA – League sources tell us that the Dark Side and Fightin Ditka’s have come to agreement on a mega trade, involving 6 players and a draft pick, the trade will send WR’s Chris Olave and Courtland Sutton to Chicago for WR Terry McLaurin and RB Mark Ingram.  We have recently learned that Kyler Murray is also going to Philadelphia.  Philadelphia is sending a first round pick and starting QB Matt Stafford to Chicago.

This marks a return to Philadelphia for Mark Ingram who was very productive in his last stint. It’s a good culture there, they have fun and winning is expected, but its punitive if we don’t win.
Chicago is one of the hottest teams in the league and they just got a Rookie WR they can keep and build around for the future. We wonder if there is something additional that we have not heard about with the overall roster overhaul.

In his press release Philly Owner Avan Beaver said it is more about pushing for the division and league titles this season, than anything else. I’ve been here 5 years had some success but looking to reach the top of the mountain, hopefully these changes will make it possible to lift the trophy, finally.  The young Beaver is not really known for his patience.

Currently there has been no update from the Chicago front office with comment on the trade. Wright must be thinking that there is no real reason to keep the status quo with Murray this season, he has only recently been playing as well as he did last year but for the first 5 weeks of the season, he was disappointing.

Division Rivals Make Deal, Future Looks Brights - 30 Oct, 2022

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles Owner and GM Jason Beaver announced this morning a trade between Los Angeles and San Antonio.  The Lords have agreed to send WR CeeDee Lamb and a 3rd round pick in the 2023 IFFL draft to the Mexican’ts for RB Devin Singletary and WR Jaylen Waddle.

The trade will reunite Lamb and QB Dak Prescott and keep San Antonio’s receiving corps near the best in the league while the team is searching for their first win this season.  The team so far has had no comment about the deal or their thoughts on the future. A team officia,l who would like to remain anonymous, stated that the temperature is running a little hot right now as the team searches for that elusive first win in 2022.

For the Lords, this roster no longer resembles the initial roster from August.  They have made deals with Indy, South Carolina, and now San Antonio.  The Lords have been able to move players to other teams and not trade away any 2023 draft capital, until this 3rd round pick.

“We are excited to be able to bring in Jaylen and Devin to the team. We feel they will be very key members of the squad going forward. CeeDee will be missed, he is one hell of an athlete and teammate, but we will get by without him,” said Beaver.

The Lords are in win now mode and are seizing every opportunity to win their 4th Riesbeck trophy and first in Los Angeles.

IFFL Trade Deadline Announced!! - 28 Oct, 2022

Tequila, NM – Commissioner Jeff Dixon today announced that the 2022 IFFL Trade Deadline is set for 11.8.22 at 11:59:59 PM. All potential deals have to be submitted to the league before that time by both parties involved.

"This year we have moved the trade deadline out by 1 week due to unforeseen circumstances," stated the commisioner. "Along with a desire from the players association to move it back by a week to encourage more moves from the leagues owners."

Happy Trading Ladies and Gentlemen!

Montgomery Shipped Off To New Delhi!! - 22 Oct, 2022

Tequila, NM – The Sunrise have traded RB David Montgomery to the New Delhi Subs in exchange for a 4th round 2023 draft pick. It was a trade that had to happen as Montgomery was starting to have issues with the Tequila coaching staff and ownership.

“Today we traded David to New Delhi. We would like to say that we wish David the best, however we are unable to say that. We don’t think he has enough left in the tank to be in the running for a starting spot for long, we believe it will be a matter of weeks,” said Tequila owner and commissioner Jeff Dixon. 

For the Subs Montgomery joins and leads a backfield with no one really in front of him other than street Free Agent D’Onta Foreman. 

Now is the time for New Delhi to make smart moves and improve their team.

Metcalf, Mattison to San Antonio!! - 30 Sep, 2022

Indianapolis, IN – The Mexican’ts and Animals struck a deal late Thursday evening, sending WR DK Metcalf and RB Alexander Mattison to San Antonio for WR Mike Evans and TE Dallas Goedert.  This mutually beneficial trade should help both teams, although it leaves San Antonio thin at TE.

Mike Evans, who was really loving the Riverwalk in town, was notably upset. We spoke to him after news of the deal broke.  “I was thinking that this would be a great place to play until I retired, now I am on the move again.  I have spoken to Mrs. Harless and although she was very straight forward and candid with me about the deal, I feel like what she really saw was the washboard abs on DK. Some people just like that, I guess.  Thank you, San Antonio, I will remember my 3 weeks here very fondly.”

As Alexander Mattison was leaving the west side facility of the Animals he quipped, “I’m really about to go from the penthouse to the outhouse," referring to the Mexicant’s 0-3 start.  Mattison should be more worried about getting his new team back into playoff contention.

It really makes you wonder if Indy owner Kevin Ryburn has seen all the player movement so far this year and decided he needed to make some moves if he was to compete, not only in his division but overall for the team’s 3rd Riesbeck Memorial Trophy.

The week 7 matchup between these 2 teams should be a good old fashioned slobber knocker that is for sure as there will be no love lost between any of these 4 players. 

Jones, Jefferson Trading Places; Los Angeles Makes Another Move!! - 30 Sep, 2022

Los Angeles, CA – In another shocking move, the Los Angeles Lords have gotten another WR for a fair price.  RB Aaron Jones, who is in his first season with the Lords, is being traded to South Carolina for WR Justin Jefferson. 

Said Scarecrows owner & GM Trevor Harless, “I want to say yes, but my WR corps sucks so bad already, talk me into the deal.”  Immediately after, the message of “Screw it lets do this” was sent.

Lords ownership has confirmed that they proposed the trade, hoping to negotiate a deal.  “I never thought when we proposed this deal would it get done as proposed.”  The team is excited for the next chapter and the ability to pair Justin Jefferson, Michael Thomas, and CeeDee Lamb together with Joe Burrow.  “The thing coming out of the draft this year was we knew we were going to have to be aggressive in the free agent and trade markets. We had a great corps of RB’,s actually way too many, so making deals this year we felt would be easier than in years past,” said Jason Beaver, Lords owner. 

“We are excited for Aaron to go to SC and prove that he was a worthy 3rd overall pick and we are sorry that his stay was so short in LA; however, the chance to get JJ was just too good to pass up.”

The Scarecrows and Lords meet in Week 8 in Columbia.

Los Angeles, Indy Make Moves and Help Each Other Out With Deal - 30 Sep, 2022

Los Angeles, CA – Team officials from Los Angeles today announced a trade that sent James Robinson and Curtis Samuel to Indy for CeeDee Lamb.  The teams came to the agreement on Saturday morning and made it official before lunch. 

“This trade will make us players in the hunt for the Riesbeck trophy this season. We are looking for a 4th championship in 2022,” said owner Jason Beaver.

For Indy, this move will help to close the gap between between the Animals and the Kats.  “We know we have to make moves to succeed.  CeeDee is a hell of a player, but we had to ship him to Los Angeles to get back a player in Robinson that we think will be able to get us into the playoffs and help us make noise,” said a confidential Animals source.

This move is the best thing for both teams and they both cleaned up and made their respective position groups stronger.

The 2022 IFFL Draft is just weeks away!! - 05 Aug, 2022

Bedford, IN - The 2022 IFFL draft is set for the 27th of August, 2022. Once again taking place at scenic Dogwood Springs in southern Indiana, the start time for the draft is scheduled for 1:30(ish) PM. If anyone can't make it then get in touch with the league offices (me), and we can make arrangements.

The site is updated, and draft ready with the only portions left to do being the schedule. We will be continuing the roster minimums of 2 QB, 2 TE, 2 K and 2 DEF's this season.

I'd like to have protected players in by the 17th of August so they can get posted with plenty of time before the draft.

New Delhi Takes Their Third Championship!!! - Feb. 06, 2022

Hartford, CT - The New Delhi Subs have seized their 3rd IFFL championship with a win over Tabbi's Kats. Owner Pete Shaunki doubled down on this season, trading numerous picks over the next two drafts in order to bring in big name talent. The gambles have paid off in spades.

The usual suspects showed up for the Subs. QB Aaron Rodgers had his normal stellar outing and RB Damien Harris found the endzone twice. However, the Kats came to play as well, with the Subs only leading by 3 at the half. Then WR Ja'Marr Chase made his presence felt. Chase, acquired earlier in the season for a 2nd round pick, dominated the third quarter on his way to a 266 yd, 3 TD game to cap off an amazing rookie campaign. The Kats just weren't able to overcome the third quarter onslaught and ended up falling to the Subs.

The 2021 IFFL Draft fast approaching!! - Jul. 28, 2021

Bedford, IN - The 2021 IFFL draft will be held at 1:30 PM on the 28th of August. The price guide is done and the draft section of the site will be up to date this weekend with the schedule coming after. As usual, online drafting is available for any who cannot make the draft in person and if that isn't a possiblilty then get ahold of me and we'll figure something out.

The same roster requirements will be carried over from last season. Each team will be required to carry 2 each of QB's, TE's and K's. Due to this requirement the roster size will be increased to 18 roster spots and the cap will be raised to $23.00. This worked well last season although it was hard to find a backup QB in a pinch.

I'll be sending an e-mail out when the site is up and ready, should be no later than Sunday the 1st of August.

Good luck everyone!!!

Congratulations to the Newest IFFL Champion! - Feb. 07, 2021

Bedford, IN - The IFFL has a new champion! The Hartford Whalers have claimed their first Super Bowl title. After 22 seasons and four Super Bowl losses owner Chad Allen can finally hoist the Donnie Riesbeck Memorial trophy.

"With all the accusations of mismanagement and cheating, which was never proven. The Whalers have finally claimed their rightful place among the elite franchises of the IFFL," stated Chad Allen during the teams victory parade in the snowy streets of Hartford.

"And all thanks to God almighty, who's not a woman, that we were able win before the Kats and Mexican'ts... 'cause you know, they''re women," finished Chad Allen with his normal tactfulness. Ms. Brewer and Mrs. Harless each gave statements, but those cannot be quoted here.

And the Playoffs Are Here!!! - Dec. 09, 2020

Bedford, IN - The 2020 IFFL regular season is over! It came down to the wire with six teams vying for the last three playoff spots. Unfortunately Chicago, Pittsburgh and San Antonio came up short, losing must-win games (although I can hardly fault Chicago given what the Chicken Pluckerz did).

The Indy Animals and South Carolina Scarecrows earned bye weeks. So this week will be Tequila versus Taipei and Hartford at New Whiteland.

Congratulations and good luck to everyone in the playoffs!

T-Minus 2 days 6 hours and 15 minutes until kickoff!!! - Sep. 08, 2020

Bedford, IN - In just a couple of days the 25th season of the IFFL will kick off, Covid be damned!

There are a mutitude of storylines heading into the season. Will the Taipei Personality come anywhere close the dominance they displayed last season? Can the Philadelphia Dark Side back up the constant trash talk of the offseason? Will the Indy Animal's 4 year run as one of the dominant teams come to the end after a seemingly disastrous draft? All of this under the cloud of the pandemic possibly causing a premature end of the season.

The answers to these questions and others will begin to be answered on Thursday when the season kicks off at 8:30pm.

The 2020 IFFL Season is a Go!! - Aug. 04, 2020

Bedford, IN -  It is draft time once again. The Taipei Personality are hopefully over their collective hangover from their title celebration and the rest of the league is anxious to move ahead to the 2020 season.

Well that time comes on August 29th. That's right, in a mere 27 days the IFFL will be holding its 25th draft. Here's hoping that real world stuff won't intrude on another great, competitive season!

And the 2019 IFFL Champion is... - Dec. 24, 2019

Taipei City, Taiwan - Congratulations to the Taipei Personality on their first IFFL Championship! Taipei has been searching for the title since entering the league in 2002. They've shown well over the years with solid regular season, but playoff success has eluded them.

Until this season. The Personality were in control all season long, capping it off with another dominant performance in Super Bowl XXIV. The Philadelphia Dark Side showed strong all season long, but injuries during the playoffs ultimately hurt them as they fell to more talented and healthy team.

Nov. 08, 2023
  • Sources close to Tequila tell us that the team is still getting  offers for Amon-Ra St. Brown. The offers are being immediately rejected as the team is now back into the thick of the wildcard fight. The team is hoping they can get into the playoffs after having a terrible year last year and a rough start to this season.

  • Sources tell us that the New Delhi Subs might be regretting the early season fire sale or they are flummoxed by how a fire sale can actually make the team better.  Being one game out of 1st place in the East has to make the question their draft strategy.

  • A little birdie tells us that an offer has been made to New Whiteland for Mark Andrews.

  • We’re hearing from our sources in San Antonio that the team is glad they stood firm and did not trade Pat Friermuth earlier this season. With Dallas Goedert going down for 4 weeks with a broken forearm he will certainly be needed at a high level.

  • Sources close to the LA Lords tell us that there is a 75% chance that Justin Jefferson returns this weekend from his hamstring injury.

  • We hear that South Carolina is going to stand pat and not make any more deals. This is the team that is either going to take them to the playoffs or die trying.

  • We hear that Cincinnati had an amazing offer for Christian McCaffery and it was seriously thought about taking it. The team would have gotten 3 players/picks for CMC and they were all premium returns.  It's unclear whether or not the trade was accepted then rescinded or if they declined straight away.
Oct. 29, 2023
  • Sources close to Tequila tell us that the team was offered Jaxon Smith Njigba and a draft pick for Amon-Ra St. Brown, the offer was immediately rejected, no counter offer nor should there have been just straight rejection.

  • Sources tell us that things are heating up on the Austin Ekeler front, LA made an offer to Cincinnati for Breece Hall and Jahan Dotson but they were rejected and now we are getting reports that the Dark Side might be involved in something for Ekeler.

  • A little birdie tells us that conversations between South Carolina and San Antonio are taking place in the hopes that San Antonio will get rid of Dallas Goedert.

  • We’re hearing that Tequila feels they can still play spoiler this season and crush some teams hopes and dreams. That should start this week against LA who they face again in Week 10.

  • Sources close to the Chicken Pluckerz tell us that the team is staying focused and not looking ahead to their week 11 matchup with LA. They are taking it the proverbial one game at a time and that has been the case all year, in fact we hear that none of the players have the full schedule they only get the team they play that week.

  • We hear that the decision to have surgery was easy for Anthony Richardson however the Mexicant’s tried their best to persuade him to rehab and come back this season, but to no avail. The team was not looking forward to signing the likes of Desmond Ridder to replace him on the roster.

  • We hear the Kats are not looking to make any moves and will stand pat this season, they feel they have the team that can repeat but they just have to play up to their potential, which they are not doing at this time.
Oct. 19, 2023
  • Sources close to New Whiteland tell us that the team is aware they are one Tua Tagovailoa concussion away from relative obscurity. This team goes as Tua goes, now they just have to make sure no one hits Tua too hard.

  • Sources tell us that Philadelphia is looking for a deal to keep them relevant this season. They could be looking for a new WR.

  • A little birdie tells us that Pittsburgh is not taking anything for granted; they started 0-3 and have since won 3 straight. They play South Carolina this week and feel like they could make it 4 in a row and widen their lead in the East.

  • We wonder if the Tequila Sunrise and Chicago Fightin’ Ditka’s will follow New Delhi’s lead and start selling off all assets not nailed down. While we wouldn't think that a full fledged fire sell is in order, they might still be helpful to some teams in their quest to win the Riesbeck trophy this season.

  • Could we see Austin Ekeler be traded? Our sources in LA tell us that might be the case as the team is looking to strengthen their RB/WR situation.

  • We hear that there is some talk in Cincinnati of making a move and bringing in a WR upgrade for Jahan Dotson.

  • We understand that Taipei QB Deshaun Watson was ruled out during pregame warmups when a bottle of massage oil was knocked on the floor.  Watson came in and slipped on it causing a slight dislocation of his throwing shoulder. Back up QB Kenny Pickett was previously ruled out while undergoing a hand transplant to increase the size of his comically small hands.
Oct. 12, 2023
  • Sources close to New Whiteland tell us that Davante Adams may be more injured than previously stated by the team. In week 5 Adams was mostly a decoy against the Sunrise, although he did have a few big drive sustaining drives, which might have all but sunk the Tequila playoff hopes for 2023.

  • Word out of Los Angeles is that WR Justin Jefferson has pulled his hamstring and will not play in the week 6 match up against his former club South Carolina. No word on any possible funny business going on between Jefferson and the Scarecrows, however this has to be looked at as one of the reasons LA went out and secured Ja’Marr Chase’s services at a kings ransom.

  • We hear that QB Anthony Richardson left the Domestic Violence Bowl Sunday out of mad respect for the Scarecrows Organization. Our source close to Richardson said, “Anthony grew up a Scarecrow fan and as such he didnt feel right going out and slicing up the Scarecrows in this game. He will probably make this injury look good and take week 6 off and be back in week 7."

  • Sources close to the Hartford Whalers tell us that there may be trouble brewing with Rhamondre Stevenson and his ineffectiveness. Owner Chad Allen is not the type of owner you want to keep disappointing as he will not hesitate to sit you on the bench for performance issues, see Alvin Kamara in 2022.

  • Medical sources in Tequila tell us that De’Von Achane is being evaluated for a possible serious knee injury which would really hamper the revamped rushing attack from the team, which would hurt the Tequila chances at returning to the playoffs in 2023.

  • We’re told team officials in Chicago are especially excited about Justin Fields and what he is doing in Chicago this season. The team feels he is a dynamic talent and all around good guy, the type you want in the locker room. The question now becomes can they win games with Fields at QB.

  • League sources are all asking the same question, which is "What is wrong with Derrick Henry?” Henry has played more like a Queen rather than a King this year and its starting to show for the Kats. With their 3-2 record they need King Henry to start showing up on a consistent basis.

Oct. 05, 2023
  • A source close to the New Delhi Subs tells us that the Subs have gotten at least 1 offer for Jamar Chase.  A deal is not imminent as the source tells us he is untouchable at this point in time.

  • Sticking with New Delhi we’re hearing that something is in the works for the Subs as the team leaders have been behind closed doors for the past week and this is usually when the trade offers start to fly for the Subs.

  • Sources from the rumor mill tell us that some major happenings may be in the works for Joe Burrow, he hasn't played up to par this year and he could be dealt at any time. We will have to see if any tentative agreements are finalized in the coming days.

  • We hear a few teams that are looking for QB help have already reached out to Indy Animals to see if they are interested in making any deals for one of their 2 QB’s (Justin Herbert and Kirk Cousins). Knowing the team leadership in Indy, I would expect 1 of them to move very soon.

  • We hear that SA is not about to move any players that they feel will help them win their first championship this year, especially if it is for a player that is at the end of the line or a back up who will not contribute anything.

  • Rumor has it that Tequila has made a few inquiries in the QB market.  The team feels they need to upgrade from Dak Prescott and Jordan Love to make a big splash this season.

  • Were told Aaron Jones has gone to Chicago owner Shadd Wright and asked to be trade. The team is currently looking for the best offer and worst situation for Jones who the team feels like has just given up on them after a very slow 0-4 start.
Sep. 28, 2023
  • Sources tell us that Jalen Hurts was suffering from flu like symptoms in the week 3 matchup against the New Delhi Subs; however he was still able to go out and throw 2 TD’s, put WR Mike Williams in position to tear his ACL, and lead the Scarecrows to the victory. All in all doesn't sound like too bad of a week to me, minus the whole injury thing.

  • Sources in Philly tell us that the Dark Side have no patience and they are already looking for an upgrade at RB. We have offered a few trades and got nothing back yet.

  • We’re hearing word out of New Delhi that average at best WR Jamar Chase is telling anyone that will listen that he is done with the franchise and can't wait for his contract to expire if not sooner so he can leave on the first jet back to the USA. Curry and Rice, more like hurry for the flight.

  • A little birdie from San Antonio tells us the team was excited for Jerome Ford this week as he filled in for Nick Chubb who is out for the season. Although some experts think he could make a late season return the team finally put him on IR, ending his season.

  • Sources in New Whiteland tell us that the team expects the week 3 performance each week from their players, the same source tells us that conversations have started with New Delhi on a trade package that would help the Chicken Pluckerz reach the playoffs and make a deep run in said playoffs.  Let the collusion watch begin again.

  • Sources tell us that Lamar Jackson is having  second thoughts about his allegiance to the Peanut Butter Balls, there is only so much a helmet can do for a player no matter how awesome it is.

  • There are rumblings that the trade market is about to start churning this year. Last year it was in week 4 that the trades started flying and the league was set on its ear with player movement. Let the silly season begin.
Sep. 21, 2023
  • Sources tell us that the Mexican’ts are kicking the tires on RB Jerome Ford after the gruesome season ending injury to Nick Chubb.  The question now becomes is Chubb young enough, and dedicated enough to comeback from the second career threatening injury to his left knee in 5 years.

  • Our source in Hartford tells us the team is shopping Cam Akers for not much more than a bag of footballs and a $50 dollar Waffle House gift card. Let’s see if anyone bites on this deal.

  • Word out of New Delhi is that the team might be looking to stop the bleeding and shop Jamar Chase. It will not be cheap but the team has to do everything they can to avoid going 0-3. Their week 3 opponent South Carolina is not the push over they were last year, so changes must be made and honestly outside of an injured Travis Kelce and Chase the Subs don't have much to offer.

  • Our sources in Pittsburgh all say the same thing, the team is really at a loss as to why they are 0-2.  Said owner Matt Howell, sometimes the good times don't roll and you have to keep on truckin’.

  • Staying in Pittsburgh, the team might be willing to move DJ Moore, Keenan Allen, or Michael Pittman to free up some additional playing time. I think most would consider TE George Kittle as the most precious commodity on the team.

  • Sources out of the league office tell us that the league is considering some monumental changes to the league for the 30th Anniversary season in 3 years. Among the changes being considered are changes to scoring along with changes to the divisional alignment and what they are named.

  • Little birdies in Philadelphia tell us that the team is looking for help at RB. Could a move for the versatile Aaron Jones or Jonathan Taylor be in the works for the 2-0 Dark Side.
Sep. 14, 2023
  • Sources told us on Monday afternoon that the Dark Side were about to tell Jared Goff, that he was being released, however all of that changed 4:04 into the Monday night game when prized QB Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles Tendon and is out for the season, this is 2 straight games Philadelphia has lost their starting QB.

  • Our source in Indy tells us the team is excited they were able to squeeze out a win against South Carolina, even though it was seemingly easier than they could’ve expected.

  • Word out of Tequila is that the team is not 100% convinced they have corrected all the mistakes from last year, Cooper Kupp will be missing the 1st 4 games of the season, and Javonte Williams didn't seem to be back to normal, but again it's only week 1.

  • Sources in South Carolina tell us that Jonathan Taylor will be back on the field in Week 5. Lets see if this actually happens and it's not guaranteed as the relationship is still fractured, it will be nothing short of a miracle. Harless has to pony up the cash for his best player.

  • Word out of Pittsburgh is that there is nothing wrong with Lamar Jackson, he just had a bad game and was out played by the Taipei Defense.

  • Hartford lost to Philadelphia and their backup QB in week 1 but Patrick Mahomes looked like a player who was not ready to play and it probably had something to do with the fact that he didn't play at all in the preseason.

  • Chicago might be in trouble after JK Dobbins tore his Achilles before Aaron Rodgers did but this leaves a massive hole on the Ditka’s roster and significantly weakens their team for the long haul.
Aug. 30, 2023
  • Sources tell us that the Dark Side have already made contact with QB Kyler Murray. They are very eager to have the star QB back in Philadelphia, but no word on whether the QB wants to be back in Philadelphia though.

  • Contrary to popular belief, New Delhi owner Pete Shaunki wants everyone to know there was nothing underhanded about the Travis Kelce for Davante Adams deal. In fact Shaunki told reporters this week that anyone could have had Kelce had they just made an offer. An audible sigh of BS was collectively let out by the group of owners in the room.

  • Our sources tell us that Pittsburgh was very happy with their draft haul this year, saying something to the effect of, "Nothing could make me happier than to have this team that I have."

  • A little birdie told us that Los Angeles is bracing for their worst season ever. The clubs thinking about going all in last year really affected the draft this season. Trading away their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round selections and falling just short of their 4th title was not in the plans.

  • Word coming out of San Antonio has the team also making contact with QB Kyler Murray. He has to be looking at the team with some optimism now after the draft but their history has to be holding him back from going all in, or does it?

  • A little birdie told us that Taipei is very excited to get the season underway. After having completely fallen apart last year down the stretch they feel like they have something to prove and want another shot at the Riesbeck Trophy.

  • Sources tell us that South Carolina may be looking to go with more 2 TE sets this season and really punish the defense by running the ball right up the middle of the field. We will see how this 1940’s style offensive attack works.

  • Lastly, the Bagels are making some noise this year for having the quietest offseason in a long time. The team tasted success last year, but had a solid if unspectacular draft and now might have to be very active on the Waiver Wire and trade markets to keep success going after last year's dream season.
Dec. 29, 2022
  • Whispers out of New Delhi tell us that owner Pete Shaunki is wondering what happened to RB Joe Mixon. He came out of the gate with 5 TD’s and didn’t do anything after the 1st week. "He just kind of disappeared," said Shaunki.

  • Sources in Philadelphia have been very silent about the story that we broke last week. The official change of power will occur on the first minute of the new league year or the 1st of August. The new owners will then be responsible for getting their people in place and the draft strategy under control. It is yet to be seen if the Marleigh will want the team after Avan has gutted the draft picks this year in a failed attempt to win the Super Bowl.

  • Sources at Animals HQ say the team is very happy with the progress Jameson Williams made this season in returning from his torn ACL he received in college during the national championship game. He will be a force next season.

  • Sources in New Whiteland have said that owner Kevin Julbert intends to return to the team next season. "There are no truth to the rumors that I intend to sell or move the team in 2023."

  • Sources tell us that rumors that San Antonio was looking for someone to sell the team to were patently false. They were started by Tanya Harless to get Chad Allen to say something stupid and sexist. We believe that she was trying to stoke the war between Allen and the Kats to make the Super Bowl more exciting for her.

  • Whispers out of Los Angeles tell us that there is a hyper secretive meeting between the owners scheduled for Friday when they are all in town for the game. Anyone not available to be there will be required to be on video call and be an active participant. There is no information about what the commissioner wants to discuss with the owners, but we are sure its important to take this step.

  • Sources tell us I have ran out of things to say in this column, until 2023 I bid you adieu.
Dec. 22, 2022
  • Whispers in Hartford say that Chad Allen has taken up residence in his suite waiting for the game against Los Angeles this weekend.  "This is East division football at its finest," stated one staffer referring back to when Los Angeles was in Maryland and a part of the East division landscape for years.

  • Speaking of the Salisbury Snappers, sources in LA tell us that the team is working with Nike to design a throwback Snappers uniform to wear next season in week 13 and 14, in honor of the last back to back champions in the IFFL. The 2010 and 2011 Snappers.

  • Sources within the Cincinnati organization are telling us that the team is looking to make some changes to the stadium next year, the big new change is to fly in New York City Bagels for every home game and a giant cream cheese dispenser.

  • Sources in Pittsburgh laughed at the above statement as team owner Matt Howell knows that no one will ever be able to hold a candle to their uniforms.  "Our uniforms will forever be the best of the IFFL."

  • Sources tell us that South Carolina owner is in San Antonio this week however there is no truth to the rumor that he is attempting to negotiate a win in the domestic violence bowl in 2023.

  • Whispers out of Philadelphia will not confirm nor deny that owner Avan Beaver made a bet with his younger sister, Marleigh Beaver, to take over his team if he had a worse season than his dad’s team, the Los Angeles Lords. Looking over the free agent list the other night Marleigh decided that Davis Mills will be her QB1 next year when she takes over the team from her brother.

  • Sources tell us the deal between the siblings is unprecedented in the history of the league.
Dec. 15, 2022
  • Whispers in the building around Tabbi’s Kats say they are stressing about the fact that they still have unfinished business from last year, as they made and lost the Superbowl. This year the goal remains to win the Superbowl.  There is no truth to the rumor that Tabbi stated , “I’ll be damned in hell if Chad Allen and the Hartford Whalers beat me this season in the Superbowl.” Well folks, there you have it , the gauntlet has been thrown down for the Whalers and honestly the rest of the IFFL as well.

  • The greatest fears of Philadelphia's Front office became a reality today as QB Kyler Murray has torn his ACL. He will have surgery on the injury this week then have until August to rehab the knee.  The good thing is that he will have about 6 weeks straight to play Call of Duty before starting rehab after surgery.  What will young Avan Beaver do at QB going forward?

  • Sources within the Cincinnati organization tell us that the team is very disappointed that they had the 2nd best record in the league this year and yet they will have to settle for the wild card game against Taipei this weekend.  The good news is the game is in Cincinnati, the bad news this is a rematch of the Week 14 drubbing that the Bagels handed the Personality to boot them from the Division Champion to the #5 seed.

  • Sources in New Delhi tell us that the team is on their way to Los Angeles for their wild card game against the Lords. New Delhi is not taking anything for granted this week after having lost to the Lords earlier this season in Los Angeles. One of the reasons cited was fatigue after the team didn’t leave until Friday morning to head to Los Angeles, they are taking it more seriously this time around.

  • Sources tell us Sunrise staffers are taking the playoffs off and then they will come back together to start draft prep on all the players that could be in this upcoming draft, as the team will have the #1 overall pick for just the second time in team history.

  • Whispers out of South Carolina state that owner Trevor Harless is pretty disappointed, as his team had the 5th highest amount of points in the league this year but are missing out on the playoffs.  There is no confirmation as to whether Harless is kicking his own ass after trading Justin Jefferson to Los Angeles for Aaron Jones way back in week 3.

  • Whispers out of the league office tell us that there will be some rules changes on the books to take affect next year if they can pass through the competition committee and other rules committee’s.
Dec. 08, 2022
  • Sources out of Hartford tell us that owner Chad Allen has once again doubled down on his anti- female ownership stance. Starting way back in the early ‘00s, Allen has always been steadfastly against female owners in the IFFL and has made his feelings known to anyone that will listen to his misguided feelings for over two decades.

  • Whispers out of Los Angeles indicate that the team is preparing as if this will be the last game of the season for them. They have a show of unity and the team is ready to play this week against Philadelphia.  They are there for their owner.

  • Sources tell us that it is not guaranteed that RB Joe Mixon will play this weekend for New Delhi. The subs will need Mixon if they are to make the playoffs so maybe it is right for them to let him rest this week to be ready if they make the playoffs.

  • Sources tell us Kyler Murray will play for the Philadelphia Dark Side this week. He was unable to stand last week or he would have played then as well.

  • Sources claim that Johnathan Taylor will not play this week, nor will Aaron Jones, as they are both taking a mental health day this week which was afforded to the players in the CBA.

  • Whispers out of Chicago say the team is very happy they will not have the 1st pick in the draft.

  • Word out of New Whiteland telsl us that the team, which has been eliminated from the playoffs, is looking to play spoiler this week against New Delhi.
Nov. 27, 2022
  • Sources tell us that Philadelphia and New Delhi have traded insults about their week 11 game. It has all been in good fun, but the league has been made aware and they are tracking the situation.

  • Whispers out of Los Angeles tell us that JK Dobbins is close to returning from his knee injury and ready to reinsert himself in the lineup, as a starting running back, on a playoff team.

  • Sources also tell us that Ja'marr Chase is back on the practice field and ready to come back to the team.

  • Sources tell us Kyler Murray should be back for the Philadelphia Dark Side this week. He has made tremendous strides with his hamstring injury.

  • Sources tell us that Kyle Pitts injury is going to be season ending unless the Animals make the Superbowl this season. With Pitts and Goedert both out the team has some serious injuries right now.

  • Whispers out of Chicago say the team is very happy with the win this week. The win shows that they are following the blueprint owner Shadd Wright has laid out for the team to get them back in the playoffs next year. Even cutting Melvin Gordon III is part of the plan for Wright, who additional sources tell us grew weary of the running backs fumble issues in critical situations this season.

  • Word out of New Whiteland claim that the team is still feeling very confident that they will be in the thick of it come the end of the season.  "We are going to just keep playing our game and win out, finish 8-6 and let the rest work itself out." Hartford, Philly, and New Delhi better watch out as it sounds like New Whiteland is ready to make a real push for the playoffs this season.
Nov. 17, 2022
  • Sources tell us that there was a trade offered 48 hours after the trade deadline last week. Our source told us that “its ok, the offer sucked and we just laughed at it.”

  • Whispers out of Tequila are saying that WR Cooper Kupp’s ankle may require surgery and that is why the team has put the player on the IR for the rest of the season.  He has stated he will be back next season and ready to go.

  • Sources claim that Tequila will also make a move to put RB Khalil Herbert on the IR, or give him an injury settlement and release him outright. Herbert injured his hand in last week’s loss.

  • Sources tell us that the Scarecrows have changed their focus to playing the spoiler over the last few weeks of the season. The problem is they keep winning, which gives them hope, which is the worst thing you can give the Scarecrows. Keep your eyes peeled on the East Division.

  • Sources tell us that Philadelphia is feeling very confident going into this week’s game against the Subs.  "Really, we aren’t worried about who they have playing, we know that if we play to our game plan the results will take care of itself."

  • Whispers out of San Antonio tell us that the focus for the team right now is to right the ship and finish 7-7 which is a very real possibility.

  • Sources indicate that Los Angeles QB Joe Burrow will return this week against the Bagels in Los Angeles. Burrow who took a mental health day last week against the Personality is feeling refreshed and ready to go for the final 4 weeks and playoff run.  We really need to make some changes to the way we play this sport.
Nov. 09, 2022
  • Sources tell us that there is a proposal to keep the IFFL trade deadline at the current week 9 while there is a competing proposal to move it back to its usual Tuesday night post week 8.  There is still a 3rd proposal that would see the trade deadline go into effect in week 5. That will surely lose.

  • Whispers out of Los Angeles tell us that Joe Burrow will not play this week citing mental fatigue. The decision has been made to allow Burrow to take the week off this week to prepare for the rest of the season.  Sources tell us there is nothing but confidence in back up Russell Wilson this week.

  • Sources tell us that there was a last-minute, last-ditch effort to pry RB Dalvin Cook out of the hands of Pittsburgh.  That effort was rebuffed though.

  • Sources have told us that there were 2 unanswered attempts to get TE Travis Kelce from the New Whiteland ChickenPluckerz this season.  There was no comment from New Whiteland, this reporter is shocked!

  • Sources tell us that Philadelphia is feeling very confident with this weeks game against the Kats. "They don’t have their QB so why shouldn’t they win this game," an unabashadly cocky Avan Beaver said.

  • Whispers out of South Carolina say the team has resigned itself to the way this season is going to end.  "We gave it our all, and that is the most important thing at this point, now to prepare for this upcoming offseason," stated owner Trevor Harless.

  • Sources within the Hartford Whalers claim that owner Chad Allen has found his Gilmore Girls DVD’s that IT had hidden from him and is again sitting in his owner's box at night watching Rory and Loralei deal with their issues of 20 years ago.
Nov. 02, 2022
  • Sources tell us that the San Antonio owner, when asked about the teams first win over noted he-man woman hater Chad Allen’s Whalers, was quoted as yelling "Suck It!" might’ve been taken out of context by those who didn’t hear the whole thing.  We will hold our breath on this one as" Suck It!" seems perfectly appropriate from Mrs. Harless.

  • Whispers coming out of the league offices say that there are still multiple teams very interested in being buyers at this point in the season. Philadelphia, New Delhi, Los Angeles, and Indy must be four of the teams looking to keep making upgrades and add players for depth.

  • Wow! I think we were totally hood winked with the Chicago being buyers not sellers at the trade deadline this season. In the last 48 hours Chicago traded McLaurin, Murray, and Ingram. They got and traded Chris Olave during that time, and have made it known that Joe Mixon, Austin Ekeler, and Darren Waller are the only ones that will not be traded.

  • We hear that Los Angeles are still trying to improve the TE room. We hear there is a premium offer out there to be accepted or declined. However, they may want to make a bigger and splashier attempt at the position.

  • We hear that New Delhi is sniffing around CeeDee Lamb. The well-traveled Lamb is back in a position to team up with Dak Prescott. The problem is that the Subs are offering a player for player deal that would net the Mexican’ts a low-end RB who is in a battle for playing time at his position. Could it be that New Delhi ownership is regretting turning down the Jefferson for Chase deal with South Carolina earlier this season?

  • We hear that South Carolina is still looking to make some moves and buy players. They have looked at their schedule and just said it looks like a rainbow of cupcakes until the end of the season.

  • We hear that the league is looking into what may be belligerent behavior by one of it's owners towards Whalers owner Chad Allen. Our source, who was supposedly in the room at the time, said there was a string of expletives thrown at the Whale's beloved leader during an alleged phone call Sunday afternoon.  It was not good, they told Chad to go find some Gilmore Girls episodes to watch. More to come on this story.
Oct. 28, 2022
  • Sources tell us that the news out of New Delhi about WR Jamar Chase might be more serious than the predicted 4-6 weeks. It appears that Chase is suffering from Butt Hurt syndrome, the cause being that the team is actively trying to get Davante Adams more targets.

  • Whispers coming out of Philadelphia say the team may be looking to trade Amari Cooper. The same sources say that one team is very interested in adding depth to the WR room.

  • We’re hearing that Chicago still believes they have a chance to make the playoffs this year and instead of being sellers, they are actually looking to bring in a few key pieces. Lets see if they can swing a few deals to improve the team.

  • Los Angeles certainly has some great players in their midst this season, too bad the injury bug has followed them. In back-to-back weeks RB’s JK Dobbins and Ezekiel Elliott have gone down with knee injuries, add in the toe injury to Michael Thomas and one has to wonder how they continue to survive week after week.

  • Leaked documents from the league office, show that there was no wrong doing by Tanya Harless when she asked for WR Mike Evan’s autograph during halftime of last weeks game. It was simply a previous employer needing him to sign an NDA about the inner workings of the Mexican’ts organization.

  • Indy Animals TE Kyle Pitts is likely out this weekend v San Antonio and will not travel with the team due to an undisclosed injury.

  • The IFFL trade deadline is bound to be a flurry of activity this season. It is fast approaching make sure to get your offers and counter offers in before they deadline passes.
Oct. 05, 2022
  • Sources tell us that San Antonio WR DK Metcalf took the cart to the locker room on Sunday to go to the bathroom.  This has since been confirmed by Metcalf tweeting “That Clinch Walk wouldn’t have made it.” There has been no comment from the team about Metcalf being fined.

  • Sources in Philadelphia confirm the team is looking for a partner so that they can deal starting QB Matt Stafford. The team is looking to solidify the QB position and make a move for another WR.

  • Insiders from Tequila say the team is not in a panic to replace Javonte Williams who went down with an ACL injury Sunday.  The team plans to look at all their options and decide what to do later this week.

  • Team sources in Chicago tell us the fire sale is on hold for right now.  Winning changes a lot of perspectives and the win this week has changed the mind of Shadd Wright.  Murray and Ekler are still on the hot seat; it's just cooled off temporarily.

  • Whispers out of Hartford say that the team is happy with the defense and how they are playing as a unit this season.  The problem is that the offense has been very erratic. Some wonder if letting Lamar Jackson walk was the smartest decision, even if they got Patrick Mahomes out of the deal.

  • Sources inside the Kats tell us that the team is staying positive, understanding it’s a long season and teams like Los Angeles and Cincinnati are just flashes in the pan.

  • Sources from New Whiteland tell us that there has been a flurry of activity surrounding Travis Kelce but at this time nothing has been simply irresistible.
Sep. 28, 2022
  • Sources in Los Angeles tell us the team is still evaluating WR’s and may make an additional move or 2 and soon before the trade deadline.

  • Our South Carolina sources tell us that the team is ready to pull the plug and fire sell everyone they have, to try to build for the future.  What a difference a week makes as Jefferson may now be available for the right price.

  • Team insiders in Cincinnati, tell us that Christian McCaffery came out of the game against the Kats as a precaution, they do not expect him to miss time, however, with his history it should not be overlooked that he is hurt again.

  • Sources in Harford tell us that owner Chad Allen commended the reaction to the loss to the Subs from OC Ken Dorsey this week.  “He should have been pissed! Did you see how terrible we played this weekend; it is completely unacceptable to lose to those sandwiches,” said a clearly frustrated Allen.

  • Whispers in Pittsburgh tell us the team is about to make an offer for TE Travis Kelce and New Whiteland is going to be on the clock. Will they accept? Or will they reject the offer and keep one of the best TE’s in football on a team not going anywhere this season.

  • Our sources tell us that New Delhi has fielded offers both for Jamarr Chase and Davonte Adams this week.  One of the offers was a mega 5 player offer that would’ve netted the team 2 RB’s, 2 WR’s to help replace the losses and a 1st round draft pick. To say it would have been a blockbuster is an understatement, it would have changed the face of the league.

  • Insiders in Philadelphia say the team is looking to make an upgrade but they understand that the team chemistry is very tenuous and they are trying to make the right moves, not just a move to get a new better player.

  • Staying in Philadelphia, the team's RB corps is now a position group of strength for the team and not a weakness.  With the emergence of Chris Olave the team is looking very good for the rest of the season.
Sep. 22, 2022
  • Sources in Los Angeles still say the team is evaluating the WR corps each day. They are watching the waiver wire and this space looking to make a deal. “We have draft capital. We have running backs (young or old), take your pick and we have the will to make a deal.” However, we still hear that nothing is in the works currently.

    • Our sources in South Carolina tell us that the team is ready to pull the plug and fire sell everyone they have to try to build for the future. Jefferson is just about the only player on the team that is untouchable.

    • Staying with the Scarecrows for a moment, Irv Smith Jr actually caught a pass last week. He is still a mighty fine blocker though.

    • Sources in New Whiteland, imply that the team maybe willing to part with TE Travis Kelce for the right price, but they aren’t talking about that price.

    • Little birdies in Cincinnati tell us the team is looking to fortify their roster in hopes of making a playoff run this year. After this week we will know if they are buyers or potential buyers in the near future.

    • We hear that Russell Wilson’s job as QB1 might not be too safe in New Whiteland and that Tua Tagovailoa is nipping at his heels for the starting job. Tua has been excellent in practice and “B” Team games, posting 469 yards and TD’s in week 2’s scrimmage.

    • We hear that trader Pete is getting up to speed after week 2. Sources saythere was a deal in play for Jamar Chase to move to Philadelphia for Najee Harris and a 1st round pick. While Philly front office personnel were getting the #1 jersey ready for him to arrive, the Subs pulled the old bait and switch and updated the deal to Davante Adams, which Philadelphia was not ok with under these terms. Can these 2 work it out and come to an agreement? Only time will tell.
Sep. 18, 2022
  • Sources tell us that San Antonio is content to move forward with Jameis Winston and bring in a Street FA QB to back him up until Dak returns.  Our source also indicates that Colin Kaepernick might finally make his return to the league after many, many years.

  • Our sources in Los Angeles say that Owner Jason Beaver is not happy with the play of the teams WR group last week. He is looking to make a deal to bring in a talent laden receiver who can make the team a threat.

  • Tequila was not happy with their TE’s and today signed OJ Howard to beef up the position.  I can think of a few other positions that need to be improved as well.

  • Sources tell us that there is nothing wrong with Cincinnati WR Devonta Smith. Reports that Smith is unhappy with the team and the city are patently false.  If you watch the tape from Sunday, CB Jaylon Johnson smothered Smith so Lawrence really had no chance to get him the ball.

  • Another nugget of information out of Tequila says, the team has not considered demoting Cam Akers after his week 1 performance of 0 yards.  The team is just chalking it up to coming back from a knee injury and knocking the rust off. Confident team officials ended the email with “Cam will be back and better than ever.”

  • Philadelphia sources tell us there is nothing wrong with Najee Harris and that he is completely recovered from the broken foot from this season. The team usually plays injuries close to the vest, so we will see if anything else develops out of this story.

  • We’re told that nothing has changed with the South Carolina philosophy of the TE being a bonus position. For years they have built up strong receiver and runner position groups, while they have largely forgotten the TE. With Irv Smith, Jr. it looks like the tradition will continue, but at least he is a good blocker.

  • Let’s see how long it takes for Trader Pete to get underway this season. Sources confirmed that he has already started to call around to see if he can get a younger, better, arguably upgradable version of Aaron Rodgers. For a man that made all his money in IT, upgradable seems like a very fitting term.
Sep. 10, 2022
  • Sources are telling us that there was almost a blockbuster trade before the IFFL draft this year. New Delhi and Los Angeles officials were very close to a deal that would have sent QB Joe Burrow to New Delhi for 2 picks and a player, rumored to be Davante Adams but the teams could not finalize the deal before New Delhi got cold feet.

  • Sources from Tabbi’s Kats are downplaying the revenge factor in their week 1 game against New Delhi. “There is not any truth to the rumors circulating that the coaching staff will be fired if they lose the game. We absolutely will not have the replacement staff in the owner’s box for the game.” Take that for what you will but we stand by the story that they are gone if the Kats lose Thursday night.

  • News out of Taipei says Andrew Wang Chung is reportedly not happy with his clubs early season schedule. “We keep flying to the States, then Taipei, then the States. Can’t we just get 4 games at home, 4 on the road, something along those lines?”

  • Coming straight out of Philadelphia (who?), the team is looking to improve at TE and has had 4 or 5 FA players in for tryouts this week. Our source tells us that they have been using TE Zach Ertz at slot receiver.

  • Sources in Chicago tell us that they are looking to move on from Austin Ekeler. Publicly though, the team is stating that they are immensely happy with his attitude and fitness level this season. Lets hope he stays healthy and the team doesn’t do anything drastic.

  • Sources at the league office tell us that the league is looking into expanding the playoffs to 7 teams, only giving a bye to the top team. There will be no changes this year, but the change may be implemented in 2023. Also the change of making sure each team carries 2 QB’s, 2 TE’s, 2 K’s, and 2 Def’s will be made official at next year’s draft.

  • Sources close to Peanut Butter Balls owner Matt Howell tell us that the team is looking at insuring all their players after the attempted carjacking of Rookie RB Brian Robinson. The carjacking has left him unable to play for an undisclosed amount of time. Robinson was highly sought after from the pre-draft camps.

  • Lastly, our team spies in Philadelphia (who?) are still bitter that they are not able to bring back the award for best uniform and helmets, as they feel they would finally take the crown from cross state rival, Pittsburgh. I guess we will just have to see in week 1 if the Dark Side can smash the Balls.
Nov. 08, 2023
  1. I think if the right offer was made then New Delhi Owner Pete Shaunki would probably trade one or both of his children.

  2. I think that the East is probably the most interesting division in the IFFL, but the West is trying to get on their level and if the Central doesnt watch it they will become predictable.

  3. I think speaking of Los Angeles they snapped out of their funk and got a win, now they just have to keep building on that momentum. This week the team plays the resurgent Sunrise but have a chance to send them home with a loss.

  4. Pete top Kevin bottom note of the week: I think this team can't even lose properly, since playing the Lords the Subs have done nothing but win and now the team might be regretting making some of the trades they have made. Good deals but could they be wishing they had the players back?

  5. I think the best GM this season has been LP Couch of the Bagels. Not only have the starters been out of this world, this weekend Rookie QB CJ Stroud steps in the the starters role and just annihilates the ChickenPluckerz out scoring the team by himself throwing for 480 yards. A rival owner says, “He really has the midas touch this year.”

  6. I think this week is the week Kyler Murray will return and put on his Dark Side Jersey once again, leaving the Xbox controller at home and playing real football instead of Madden. The Dark Side needs him now more than ever too as they are in a midseason slump and need to be pulled out of it.

  7. I think the Scarecrows were able to exorcise some demons this week and beat the Kats. Josh Allen is really not fairing all that well this season and now he has a bum right shoulder which makes it worse.
Oct. 29, 2023
  1. I think WOW, did I call the New Delhi upset over Los Angeles. Even without Brock Purdy for the Subs they were able to handle the Lords, I mean it was kind of easy with all the open space Kelce had to run. A career high 179 yds receiving will make everything right in your world.

  2. I think I know Joe Burrow better look like the Joe Burrow of old and quick if the Lords are going to stay on top of the West.

  3. I think San Antonio has a good chance to take out the Personality this weekend and claim sole possession of 2nd place or move into a tie with LA for the division lead.

  4. Pete top Kevin bottom note of the week: I think if they keep winning the note of the week might need to be changed to something like “How the LA Lords suck this season.

  5. I think the story of this season for the Sunrise is about not being good enough. First the QB was not good enough and they made the move to improve it now, the run game is not good enough, but that is more about injuries than lack of talent.

  6. I think the question is now will Kyler or won't Kyler. The Dark Side have said he is healthy, but they are not saying if he will play or not. Jared Goff is a talented player but he is not as talented as Kyler, I guess it will be a true game time decision.

  7. I think South Carolina is looking good, after bitching about the schedule early in week 7, they were able to defeat the Peanut Butter Balls this week.
Oct. 19, 2023
  1. I think looking at the schedule LA has a hard road ahead in the next 8 weeks, with Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase not playing this week against New Delhi. This game is no gimmie. Looking ahead to week 11 New Whiteland comes to town which looks like the game of the year.

  2. I think this season is hanging by a thread for teams like Tequila, Chicago, and New Delhi sitting at 1-5. These teams need to start winning now and for a few weeks in a row. Chicago and Tequila probably have the best chance but bad things happen when you count out the Subs.

  3. I think Bagel RB Christian McCaffrey will be out this week against the Ditka’s but there is a chance he plays on Monday night, the entire city of Cincinnati is praying that his ribs don't get smoked.

  4. Pete top Kevin bottom note of the week: I think we have a ‘Love/Hate’ relationship with these teams; we love when they love, hate when they win, love when they make trades, hate when they trade amongst themselves. The trade between ND and NW this past week of Jaylen Waddle for Brandon Aiyuk is a little much seeing as how Davante Adams already went East from New Delhi.

  5. I think Cincinnati QB Trevor Lawrence plays this week from the sounds of it, he is really rehabbing his knee so that he doesn't miss the game this week.

  6. I think Kyren Williams will only miss a week with his injury, if he misses more then the Lords will have to make some moves as they arent deep enough to handle this injury situation.

  7. I think Kyler Murray is the dynamic piece that Philadelphia is missing and they are looking to have him back sooner rather than later. Jared Goff is a good QB but he is in the wrong situation in Philly.
Oct. 12, 2023
  1. I think New Whiteland sneaking past Tequila this week says a lot about the character of both teams. For New Whiteland it says, "We normally suck but we are changing the culture," and for Tequila it says, "Can we please stop playing Dak Prescott at QB."

  2. I think you will see yet more trades from New Delhi. The team is not very deep and has less talent than most years but if they can make a few more trades, maybe move Kelce and Purdy, the team might have a chance to be set up for the future.

  3. I think the moves by LA for Ja’Marr Chase and South Carolina for Nico Collins are just what the doctor ordered. The teams got the skill sets they needed to make a deep run. Could we see these teams finish the season in San Antonio for the championship? There will be a sneak preview this weekend in LA to warm us up to the idea.

  4. Pete top, Kevin bottom note of the week: I think after all is said and done this season we will have one team that has dismantled from top to bottom, and others who will stay the course. I think in life such as sports, there are always the teams that are humorous and those that always desire to win.

  5. I think the Animals have to be feeling good about where the team is after trading Justin Herbert to the Sunrise. They just need Jordan Love to get a little more self control on those deep shots so that they can get some wins and score more points.

  6. I think it’s an overreaction to count out the Dark Side just yet. Owner Avan Beaver will make the moves needed to get this team back into the thick of things. Starting by welcoming Hartford to Philadelphia this weekend, the team has to overcome their demons quickly to make it happen.

  7. I think new Delhi and Chicago have a good chance to make it 2 wins in a row this week. San Antonio, coming off a poor loss to South Carolina, has to right the ship and get back in the win column.
Oct. 05, 2023
  1. I think LA winning again is totally in spite of Joe Burrow instead of because of him.  Burrow has put up 3 games of 0 points out of 4 so far this season. But they have won 2 of those 3, showing that this is a really scrappy team.

  2. I think San Antonio going to New Whiteland and taking care of the Chicken Pluckerz should be the standard that this franchise strives for and not just a once in a Blue Moon occasion.

  3. At first glance, I think Indy got the better of the Justin Herbert to Tequila deal. While I like the way the deal works for both teams, Tequila got a major upgrade over Prescott and Love but I think Indy got the better pieces to the puzzle. It just depends on how Herbert handles the move.

  4. Pete top Kevin bottom note of the week: I think when looking for a partner, you should always remember that sometimes the person you are eyeing is not a top or a bottom they are a middle who likes to be stuffed from both the top and bottom. Kinda like an Oreo.

  5. I think Los Angeles needs to make a big move ASAP as they are falling behind in the only game they are going to win this year, the rumor mill game.

  6. I think it will be hard for Chicago to win many games this year with their schedule. They just need to start thinking about next year.

  7. I think the Kats and Mexican’ts are back at the top of my power rankings, bringing Girl Power back to the top since 1996. If you ask them its right where they belong.  This will hopefully be a short stay.
Sep. 28, 2023
  1. I think Los Angeles might be in real trouble. QB Joe Burrow is not the same player he was last year; right now, he needs to get right and lead the team the way he did last year so they can stay relevant this season.

  2. I think South Carolina might just be for real this season and they may be a threat come December and the Super Bowl. I mean they beat New Delhii for the first time in like 6 attempts.

  3. I think New Whiteland better hope Raheem Mostert stays healthy and keeps producing like he did in week 3. So far in 2023 he has been the difference between a win and, well, they haven't lost yet.

  4. Pete top Kevin bottom note of the week: I think Davante Adams for Travis Kelce straight up is the reason that Kevin tops Petes bottom this season. I mean the 3rd best fantasy WR for a TE straight up, I wonder if he gave a reach around too.

  5. I think the league should be on high alert after last weeks showing by the Kats, this team is just consistent and they know how to win and with momentum anything is possible.

  6. I think Taipei and SA will fight to the death for the West title while Tequila and LA take a minute to breathe and relax on the beach as they are not going to be a factor.

  7. I think, or hope really, that some owners who never really partake in the trade market start to engage with the league for the sake of improving their teams to make the team a real threat to win a title.
Sep. 21, 2023
  1. I think the story of the week is what will San Antonio do after losing Nick Chubb for the year? There has been speculation that the team will walk out on Tanya Harless unless she ponies up the cash to replace the field turf with natural grass.

  2. I think LA starting 2-0 is almost as amazing as the Nick Chubb story.  The Lords have come together and the team has a new attitude after inserting Kyren Williams into the starting lineup.

  3. I think Pittsburgh, Chicago, Hartford, and New Delhi might want to start thinking about making some lineup changes; they are all 0-2, and moving to 0-3 gives you less than a 30% chance of making the playoffs in that season.

  4. Pete top Kevin bottom note of the week: I think that we might have the name wrong, while Pete was railed this weekend, Kevin was doing the railing so maybe the phrase should be Kevin top Pete bottom.

  5. I think that you will see a lot of teams playing Tyreek Hill and the Personality offense the same way that LA did this past week, the Lords held Hill to 40 yards receiving but they did give up a TD to the Cheetah.

  6. I think that the Kats are in perfect position to pounce on the Central again. The Kats (1-1) take on Chicago at home while the leaders fight for survival in Cincy. I know I can’t wait to get into Cincinnati this week to talk to QB Trevor Lawrence and RB Christian McCaffrey about the changes in the locker room.

  7. I think no one, and I mean no one, predicted that the West after 2 weeks would be the best division in the IFFL.
Sep. 14, 2023
  1. I think that the most amazing thing is that LA was able to pull off the upset of Tabbi’s Kats they just made plays when they needed them and forced Josh Allen into poor decisions all night Thursday night.

  2. I think that Philadelphia might be where QB’s go to die or at the very least suffer season ending leg injuries.  Last year Kyler Murray went down in week 14 to a torn ACL early in the game and Last night in the first qtr Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles Tendon. What is in store for Jared Goff this week?

  3. I think it might be too early for this but Pittsburgh looks like a huge pretender this season. Lamar Jackson didn't look ready to play and that is typically a bad sign.

  4. Pete top, Kevin bottom note of the week: I think Pete top, Kevin bottom have finally confirmed the rumors and they have added a third which will help them to complete their Eiffel Tower, no word on who will be the base.

  5. I think that Tyreek Hill had better scare teams, and the Los Angeles Lords are next up, he came into the season saying how he was going to gain 2000 yards this season and he started off with 215 yards putting him well on his way.  That LA secondary better be ready for him this season.

  6. I think that I’m not worried about Tabbi’s Kats or San Antonio, those teams are very well rounded and they are well coached and have good leadership. Of course I have made these same statements about San Antonio before they have proceeded to make me a liar, liar pants on fire.

  7. I think Tequila might be having buyers remorse on Dak Prescott but it might be too early to say at this point.
Aug. 30, 2023
  1. I think that 2022 was an exciting season, history was made both for good and for bad. Good history, Tabbi won her first championship. Bad history, the title game was played over 2 weekends because of a freak storm that hit Los Angeles during the 3rd quarter of the game. Hopefully that provision will never have to be used again.

  2. I think this season should be even more exciting. Can Tequila find its way back to the playoffs? Can Tabbi’s Kats for the 3rd consecutive season play in the Super Bowl? Can the Scarecrows build on the end of last season? Will the Mexican’ts continue to suck for no other reason than they hate their own team? Tune in to this space to find out.

  3. I think speaking of the Mexican’ts this team will be primed to win the West Division this year, if and only if the team can get some prime QB play from either Derek Carr or Anthony Richardson.

  4. I think Pittsburgh finally has some talent to go with their awesome helmets.

  5. I think New Whiteland might’ve broken their team already with the Travis Kelce trade.

  6. I think some of the league's owners are smelling collusion after the aforementioned Travis Kelce deal.  As only Pete Shaunki is able to get in touch with Kevin Julbert, after multiple emails went unanswered in 2022.

  7. I think we may have more history in 2023 with an all female final. My choice for this season is San Antonio v Tabbi’s for the championship coming to us live from Taipei, Taiwan.
Dec. 29, 2022
  1. I think the teams that deserve to be in the Super Bowl are in the Super Bowl.  The Kats, Champions of the Central and the best team overall at 12-2 and Los Angeles, the West Champions at 9-5 are preparing for the game now.  It ought to be a fun game this weekend.

  2. I think if Joe Burrow can keep up the pace that he has been on the last 3 weeks it might not matter what the Kats Defense has drawn up for him.

  3. I think with that being said, if Josh Allen plays like Josh Allen is capable of playing the Lords have no shot at winning the game.

  4. I think Hartford and Cincinnati should not feel bad about the losses this past weekend they were beaten by better and more complete teams.

  5. I think the voting for the media’s year end awards will be announced on Wednesday and it is going to be fun to see how each teams media member have voted this year.

  6. I think Philadelphia has to be very happy with the speed with which Kyler Murray is having surgery, it shows that he is about more than Call of Duty.

  7. I think we will see a very deserving champion this week come out of Los Angeles. The question is will the trophy head back with the Kats or stay in Los Angeles.
Dec. 22, 2022
  1. I think this weekend is going to be weird, its cold everywhere and with both games in the north we may see some crazy plays this weekend.

  2. I think Hartford has to be worried after seeing what Joe Burrow did to the Subs last week, but Im sure the defensive staff will have something drawn up to stop him this week.

  3. I think I would be amazed if Trevor Lawrence throws more than one TD this week against the Kats. There is a lot of familiarity with these 2 teams and I’m sure the Kats will come to play and get back to the Superbowl.

  4. I think Hartford has a slight advantage this week against the Lords. The teams are evenly matched, don’t get me wrong, it’s just I feel Mahomes is going to be able to find more space than Burrow will against the Lords defense.

  5. I think New Delhi and Taipei must be disappointed to have lost in the Wild Card round games this year, for both I would think that to compete to the end would be a good motto for them next year. Both teams found themselves ahead in the division going into the last month and both ended up losing the division leads in the process. New Delhi was up by 4 games with 4 to go and they proceeded to lose the division by one game.

  6. I think Chicago has to be happy to know that their talent evaluators are still good, they just need to figure out how to coach it. Austin Ekeler, Joe Mixon you will be sorely missed in the Windy City.

  7. I think Los Angeles and Tabbi’s Kats find a way to win this week and meet up in the SuperBowl in one week in Los Angeles. 
Dec. 15, 2022
  1. I think Tabbi’s Kats and Hartford are seriously at a disadvantage with the byes this weekend. There is some noise that the league may look to expand the playoffs to 8 teams next season and do away with the bye weeks altogether.

  2. I think Philadelphia and Indy would love to have 8 playoff teams as they would both be in the tourney, however South Carolina would still be watching at home.

  3. I think New Delhi has to figure out how to right the ship this week against Los Angeles. They have lost 4 straight games to end the season and they are not looking very hungry at this point in time.  The fans are hoping they come out and play better this week than they have over the last 4 weeks of the season.

  4. I think this will be the best weekend of football since last weekend. The 4 teams playing this week are the ones who survived the long regular season, and now they have a chance to show exactly who got the best of the Chicago players at the trade deadline.

  5. I think Josh Allen is my MVP this season. Leading the best team to the top record in the league 2 years in a row is just amazing. Now he has to show the growth and maturity to bring Tabbi’s Kats their first championship, the first title to be won by a female owner in the IFFL.

  6. I think Hartford or South Carolina would be my vote for best defensive unit in the IFFL and if I had to vote now, I would give my vote to Hartford based solely on the overall team record of the 2 franchises.

  7. I think I have had a blast covering the IFFL for all of you this season and look forward to covering the league again next season. Have a great offseason!
Dec. 08, 2022
  1. I think this is week 14 and the Playoffs are tight there are 6 teams in the race for 2 spots. Someone is going home sad.

  2. I think Tabbi’s Kats may just be the class of the IFFL. 11-2 says it all. Josh Allen will not let this team go easy and they are looking for an opponent to scrimmage on Wild Card weekend so they don’t get complacent.

  3. I think its really sad that after 26 years owners haven't figured out that the IFFL gods don’t like smack talking. New Delhi is in the midst of a 3 game losing streak and on the cusp of missing the playoffs after such a transgression.

  4. I think LA has had a chance 2 weeks in a row to clinch a playoff spot and let it slip away both times. This team now faces a must win in Week 14 against the other Beaver in the league and his Dark Side, who are one of the hottest teams in the league.

  5. I think Hartford leading the East is one of the most surreal things that has happened this year, coming from an owner who has deliberately attempted to miss out on the playoffs with some of the most ridiculous starting lineups in the IFFL this season.  Hartford also leads the league in most points scored on the bench.

  6.  I think there is a better than 50% chance that both Taipei (current division leader) and Los Angeles both make the playoffs. It just depends on the order now.

  7. I think the playoff order will look something like this on Tuesday morning:
    1. Tabbi’s Kats
    2. Taipei Personality
    3. Hartford Whalers
    4. Cincinnati Bagels
    5. New Delhi Subs
    6. Los Angeles Lords
Nov. 27, 2022
  1. I think whenever I say something nice about a team they turn around and lose, so I will no longer say anything nice about the Mexican’ts.

  2. I think Tabbi’s Kats may just be the class of the Central division and they showed it this weekend against the Animals.

  3. I think the age old saying of if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all applies to New Delhi. They were texting some smack talk before the Philly game this weekend, then they came out and laid an egg.

  4. I think the Sunrise have pretty much wrapped up the #1 pick. They would have to win out and hope that Chicago, Pittsburgh, or San Antonio lost out and, quite honestly, the best bet would be Chicago but as we just saw they are not done fighting this season.

  5. I think LA and Taipei will continue to battle it out for the West. LA now has a one game lead and the momentum at this point having won 5 of the last 6 games, with the only hiccup coming against South Carolina who are trying to correct their early season troubles.

  6. I think the Thanksgiving week games will lead to many teams telling us if they are contenders or pretenders. Cincinnati need to correct the ship, Indy needs to win to keep up the pace, Philly, SC & Hartford have to keep winning to keep the hopes alive for a postseason birth.

  7. I think this has been one of the most interesting seasons to date in the 27 year IFFL history.  Who will preside over the league as the 27th champion? Will their be a new champion Tabbi, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Taipei or will New Delhi repeat? Can LA win their first title in 11 seasons? Will Indy, Hartford, or the longest of long shots, South Carolina, hoist the trophy again? Keep your eyes and ears open as we try to answer these questions in December and January.
Nov. 17, 2022
  1. I think the hottest team in the IFFL resides in San Antonio. The Mexican’ts have won 4 straight games and this week draws a Chicago team that is in a free fall after trading away most of the pieces of their puzzle.

  2. I think the battle for the Central is going to be amazing and could come down to the week 14 Fine Lady Bowl to determine the winner.  If San Antonio stays as hot as they have been over the last month the Kats may have more than they can handle.

  3. I think the East is a 3 team race if, and only if, Philadelphia can beat New Delhi this week.  The Dark Side must perform better than the Whalers did this week against the Subs. If they can, and they win out, then they might just be able to sneak the division away from the Subs.

  4. I think the West is going to come down to Los Angeles and Taipei. This division will still be in doubt in Week 14 when the Lords battle the Darkside, and the Personality lock horns with the Animals.

  5. I think Tequila is about to lock up the #1 pick now that Cooper Kupp has been put on the IR with an ankle injury and his season is over.

  6. I think Week 14 will be the best week of the season.  LA v Philadelphia, SA v Tabbi’s, Taipei v Cincinnati, New Whiteland v New Delhi, and Pittsburgh v Indy could have serious playoff implications for one if not both teams involved. If you are a team that has no playoff ambitions this season it is your job to put up the best fight you can, nothing is easy.

  7. I think there are a lot of variables right now, but this has the potential to be the craziest last 4 weeks of any season the IFFL has ever seen.  Way to go schedule creator, you have done very well and the fans love you for it.
Nov. 09, 2022
  1. I think the Mexican’ts win over Taipei this week is amazing and is indicative of just how much the Mexican’ts have underperformed this season. More so than them being better than the Personality.

  2. I think the cream of the crop is rising to the top. New Delhi, Hartford, Philadelphia, Tabbi’s, Indy, & Los Angeles are in the playoff hunt and consistently winning. This ought to be an amazing finish to the regular season and the playoff battle will be just as good.

  3. I think fans in Chicago have to be asking what is going on. A week after trading Murray and McLaurin Chicago turned around and traded Ekeler and Mixon. Some fans have even asked the league office to make sure owner Shadd Wright has not fallen and bumped his head.

  4. I think right now the odds-on favorite for MVP, Josh Allen, has to be asking himself if he is even going to be able to play again this season.  Allen has a UCL injury which in baseball or tennis takes a year to recover from.

  5. I think Tequila is sitting pretty for the overall #1 pick in the draft. It has taken a lot of work for the commissioner’s team to fall this far.

  6. I think that one of the following teams miss out on the playoffs this year and that will be a shame.  Los Angeles, Hartford, or Philadelphia are right now fighting for 2 playoff spots.

  7. I think Tabbi’s Kats, if they don’t lose Josh Allen, will win the IFFL championship this season.
Nov. 02, 2022
  1. I think someone might want to put the Scarecrows down for good, LA tried this weekend but were stifled by the South Carolina defense.  The most dangerous Scarecrow team is a team that still has hope.

  2. I think San Antonio getting their first win in week 9 is great for the league and the team, although if they keep winning, they will jeopardize that #1 overall draft choice.

  3. I think the trade between San Antonio and Los Angeles, is good for both teams, Lamb looks more comfortable after one game in SA than he did in the 4 games he was in LA.  Conversely Waddle doesn’t hurt the Lords at all and brings Singletary to town to add some depth to the backfield.

  4. I think trading Kyler Murray now to the Dark Side is a great move, getting Stafford who has had some issues this season but he looks primed to breakout of his funk soon should help make it a great deal for them.

  5. I think AJ Brown might really like playing with Kyler Murray 1 game 3 TD catches, looks like he will finally be used correctly.

  6. I think there will still be 1 big trade before the trade deadline in a week.  It just feels like there is still one league changing trade to be made before the trade deadline comes to pass.

  7. I think the last 5 weeks of the season is going to be wide open, setting up a great playoff season.
Oct. 28, 2022
  1. I think it is a total fluke that Pittsburgh handed Taipei their first loss of the season.

  2. I think the trade made by New Delhi is very risky. David Montgomery is not very durable.

  3. I think Philadelphia is much better than they are playing right now. The benching of Matt Stafford should wake some folks up in the locker room and the team should bounce back fast.

  4. I think San Antonio may have to wait until next season to get a win, they are also perilously close to being eliminated from playoff contention.  Last season’s darlings seem to be on pace for the last place trophy yet again.

  5. I think 2 losses in the last 3 games is only slightly concerning for the Bagels.  They are going to need to get Christian McCaffery back up to speed ASAP, there is no word on whether he is hurt or not.

  6. I think the Central is anyone’s division to win right now. The favorites are the Kats or the Animals to finish the season atop the division.

  7. I think we are half way through the season and still no one has separated from the pack as the best team in the league.
Oct. 05, 2022
  1. I think the Kats losing again this week is nothing for them to be worried about. There are still 10 games to play; now if they lose again next week then there might be some cause for concern. 

  2. I think Los Angeles deserves big props for beating the Kats this week. They knew they had to play a perfect game and they went out and executed the gameplan.

  3. I think San Antonio might have some of the worst luck of all this year. The team has scored 188 points over the first 4 weeks and still haven’t won a game this year. I can guarantee after Sunday there will only be one winless team in the IFFL this season.  Domestic Violence Bowl coming right up.

  4. I think Cincinnati is for real and we are all sleeping on the greatness of Bagels, especially with Cream Cheese.  Seriously though, McCaffrey is healthy and playing up to his early career reputation. While Lawrence is showing that he is more than likely the second coming of Peyton.

  5. I think this is a very competitive season in the league and there is good communication between owners; as you can see there is some good player movement already this season.

  6. I think the injury to Javonte Williams will be a back breaker for Tequila going forward.

  7. I think Chicago is back on track, getting the game they needed from Ekler and Murray when they needed it the most. Murray really hasno reason to be playing as poorly as he has this season.
Sep. 28, 2022
  1. I think the Kats getting beat by the Bagels says more about how good the Bagels are rather than how bad the Kats looked this week.  Josh Allen and Co will be back and should get a nice win this week against the Lords.

  2. I think New Whiteland is going to have some explaining to do this week in reference to how fast the team reinserted Tua Tagovailoa after an apparent head injury on Sunday.  Even though Tua was cleared to return to the game it seemed awfully suspicious, like beating Chicago meant more than player safety.

  3. I think the trade between Indy and Los Angeles was a big help for both teams and in the long run will help both teams.  It gave Los Angeles the additional receiver it desperately needed and gave Indy the RB that they were needing. This is the definition of an even trade.

  4. I think that South Carolina fans should be clamoring for the team to make some moves even if that means moving all world WR Justin Jefferson.

  5. I think Chicago and San Antonio should be looking to the future and figuring out how to rebuild for next season as this year might just be lost after 3 weeks.

  6. I think Gabe Davis had awesome cleats this past weekend, inspired by this writers favorite show “The Office” they featured the character Prison Mike. They were a sight to behold, make sure that you google the cleats if interested.

  7. I think the Kats should be filing a lawsuit against the league. The first 7 games are murderous for the Kats this season but will only help them in the end trying to win the franchise’s first title.
Sep. 22, 2022
  1. I think someone might want to beat the Kats soon. As they keep winning and gaining confidence they will start to believe they are invincible.

  2. I think the surprise team of the year is Cincinnati. The Bagels have somehow found a way to keep Christian McCaffrey healthy and on the field.

  3. I think South Carolina needs help getting the ball into the endzone, and fast. They may soon find themselves out of contention for anything other than the Toilet Bowl.

  4. I think San Antonio gets their first win of the season in week 3…haha! Just joking. They would have trouble beating a team of one-armed men with a one-legged kicker right now.

  5. I think New Delhi should be worried about how the team comes back from this miserable 1-1 start. They have looked lifeless, and if not for a dropped TD from AJ Brown this week they could very well be 0-2. Lets see how they play this weekend.

  6. I think for the 4 teams that are 0-2 this is a pivotal week in the season.  They all need to play better and get a win this week and I guarantee that there will be no more than 3 teams at 0-3 next week.

  7. I think I know that this is Honey Mustard week! The Subs and the Whale meet in New Delhi to continue their 18 year long rivalry. This game should be a classic!
Sep. 18, 2022
  1. I think week 1 is in the books and my predictions are still looking pretty solid, except somehow Pittsburgh took the L this week.

  2.  I think San Antonio is cursed. The team lost star QB Dak Prescott for about 8 weeks due to injury. Backup Jameis Winston has to come in and take care of business while Prescott is out.

  3. I think the Jeff Wilson signing by South Carolina is a great signing.

  4. I think the win by Cincinnati is one of the most amazing results of the weekend.

  5. I think Los Angeles needs help at WR and in a hurry, the team didn’t have much luck this weekend causing 4 ints.

  6. I think Josh Allen will prevail as the MVP this year. That guy is good.

  7. I think Hartford made the correct pick taking Patrick Mahomes with the 2nd pick, which might just help the Whale surprise a lot of people this year.
Sep. 10, 2022
  1. I think after 7 years we are back full time! After covering the Taipei v Salisbury (Now Los Angeles?) game in week 1 of 2014 in Taipei, I have finally escaped my Chinese captors. They aren’t kidding their will be consequences if you say Taiwan is free. I’m now up to speed on what has transpired over the last 7 seasons. Who the Hell let New Delhi win a 3rd title? As always if you have anything I should know about, email me at 7things@iffl.org. Let’s have a great season!

  2. I think the Division Champions will look like this at the end of the season: Pittsburgh in the East, Tabbi’s will repeat in the Central, and Salisbury, err... I mean, Los Angeles in the West.

  3. I think the East is going to be a knock down, drag out battle and ultimately Pittsburgh gets the better of Philadelphia (who?), South Carolina, and Hartford

  4. I think the Central is a foregone conclusion. Tabbi’s Kats are by far the best team in the league and the rest of the division is going to be lucky to get another team into the playoffs this season.

  5. I think the West is the most unpredictable division of them all once again. As all 4 teams fight for the division and the final playoff bye. Salisbury, err... I mean, Los Angeles is very talented but they have long been cursed when it comes to competing, mired for years as an also ran team. Tequila looks as though they may be in a down year but never count them out. Taipei and San Antonio could be out of contention early on.

  6. I think Salisbury, err... I mean, Los Angeles and Tabbi’s get the byes in the playoffs, with Pittsburgh, Tequila, Philadelphia (who?), and Hartford rounding out the playoff field. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia (who?) will win their Wild Card games.

  7. I think on championship Sunday we will have a Super Bowl of Salisbury, err... I mean, Los Angeles v Hartford, with the Whale taking the title and a Super Bowl MVP performance from new face of the franchise, QB Kermit the Frog Patrick Mahomes.

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